Monday, January 12, 2015

Let the Vacation Begin

Well I am officially on vacation.  I actually was scheduled to work tomorrow but they asked for volunteers to take the day off without pay and I thought for maybe two seconds about it before saying ME ME ME.  

So technically the vacation starts now!  

Plus I now can spend tomorrow cleaning the house, doing wash, packing and pampering myself.

Still no cabin assignment.  I decided to print out my boarding passes in the hopes that I might get assignment tonight.  Fingers crossed.  But I know we are on just not sure where.

I am also anxiously waiting for my new camera bag to arrive.  It is suppose to be delivered tomorrow and it better otherwise I can't take it on the trip.  We bought a new Pacsafe camera bag which is smaller and more practical.  Find out more at

Our house sitter came by tonight to get the keys and go over a few things.  Katrina is a wonderful young lady and I am glad she is getting a chance to enjoy some time in her own place that is close to her school.  It will give her a bit of a taste of what it is like to live on her own too and focus on her studies (she is in her third year of nursing school).

Bernie's Birthday is Sunday so I planned a special night for Friday night in Fort Lauderdale to attend the Lion King. Still not sure where we will go for dinner but somewhere special and romantic.

So follow along.  I am not sure how often I will blog and I have told myself that I will not let the blog writing take over and keep me away from the fun but I will make sure to follow up with all the details.

If you have any questions or comments about the ship, ports, or Princess just post here or on my fan page - Cruising Princess Cruiseline with Vickie and I will respond as soon as I can.

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