Friday, January 30, 2015

A Great Evening After a Great Day

Well didn’t have my nap.  But I feel good.  I dress and leave the cabin so that Bernie can get ready on his own without me tripping over him. 

I head down to Vines and see Joelle and Wayne from Montreal who we met two years ago on the Emerald.  They love Vines too and I am not surprised to see them here again.  They go the All Inclusive Drink Package this voyage and they are enjoying trying different wine with it.

I see Ryan behind the bar and ask him to give us a recommendation for a bottle of dry full bodied red wine.  He brings over a bottle of Simi from Chile and it is great.  We love getting a bottle and then corking it for another night.

Vines is crazy busy.  What a difference from last sailing.  But I am hoping they bring some more staff to work here cause they really need it in the evening.  Our friends have to go to the bar to get more wine two times.  Glasses are not cleared either.  I know the staff are trying but they are so busy.

It is just before 8 and we head into the dining room.  Victor welcomes us and says he has put our champagne on ice. 

You see Franco had told us his favorite champagne and we went and bought it at Total Wine and tonight we are enjoying it.  Of course we make sure Franco and his beautiful girlfriend gets a glass too. 

I wish I could remember exactly what I had for dinner but I am writing this the next day and right now last night seems like forever.  I do recall a very good corn chowder soup that I would have been happy having a big bowl of.

After dinner we are tired and we wander around a bit.  Lots is happening but we head up to the top deck to enjoy the sky and the beautiful moon.  The fountain show is happening and this is the first time we have seen it.  It is pretty neat and I just can’t believe I am on a ship with this choreographed fountain show. 

Back in the room we put on the Wake Show.  This is the show we watched live yesterday and it is fun to see the staff enjoying the sweets we gave them.  I did video tape it and will put it up on the page when I get home.

January 30, 2015 – Second Sea Day

I wake a few times thru the night and I am feeling the effects of the wine and the champagne.  But it was a fun night. 

Just before 8 am room service knocks on the door and I sip my orange juice but roll over and fall back asleep.  The next time I wake up Bernie is coming into the room.  Gee can you believe it, it is 11 am!  Guess I needed the sleep and I do feel great.

I shower and dress and head for lunch and then some more relaxing.  Decided to try my luck in the casino but after losing $50 I walked away and that is my limit for the cruise.  

I am back in the cabin and I am relaxing watching a  movie and Bernie has head up to the top deck to relax and read.  It is quire warm out.

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