Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wednesday Evening

After dressing for dinner we went down to deck 5 at sat with friends for a drink. 

One of our favorite things to do each night is have a pre dinner drink.  At home we usually eat early but for us cruising gives us a chance to rest and then to prepare for the evening.  I like to make the evening something special. 

It is great to take the time to chat with friends, listen to music, try some new dish, maybe a little dancing.

After our friends went to the dining room for their table Bernie was putting the chairs back and the woman beside us says “Thanks Bernie”.  I glance over and she does look familiar but I am guessing she was on the last sailing and we probably chatted then.  

Then she reminds us that we sailed with them two years ago and we did the River Tubing excursion with Antours in Dominica then - click here to see all we have done in Dominica.  Still don’t recall her, but when her husband sits down it all came back to me.  Jay and Chris!  Yes such a lovely couple and I am so pleased to see them on board and they are on for two legs too.  Jay says he has been following the blog and is on my facebook fan page too and is so glad to see us again. 

Our table is ready and we enjoy seeing Daniel and Inna again.  Their section is full!  They are busy, but ironically the section behind is quiet with the waiters just standing guard it seems patiently waiting for a table.  It is always boom or bust I guess. 

But Daniel and Inna get us champagne glasses and open our bottle and we toast to another great adventure that awaits us. 

I wish I could say I tried something new but I loved the meal I had last sailing so I go with it again. The shrimp with the lemon sauce to start, a salad with balsamic on the side and the pork moofungo.  Which was good, but a little dry this time, like it had been sitting too long.  I still ate it, and I know I could of said something and gotten a new one but it was not really worth waiting and I knew if he brought me a new one I would eat that one too and I really don’t want more.

We finish off our meal, sip the last of the champagne…. We are happy. 

I love that we, as a couple get to take this time to focus on us.  No distraction of home, we don’t have to cook, we don’t have to clean.  It is time for us to talk about the day, the ship, the friends we are making, the old friends we have reconnected with.  Our Princess family is growing, and there is a reason we didn’t have children – our family is here on board, we are blessed.

Daniel talks to us about his fiancĂ©e and how he would love for her to meet us.  We share that we love Peru and hope to spend long periods of time there.  He insist we come for his wedding!  We laugh and say "if you invite us we will make every effort to get there".  But if we don’t, we tell him, we will be there to babysit your kids.

Franco comes by and grabs my hand to say to follow him.  He leads me to a lovely lady sitting by herself a few tables down from us.  I sit on the bench beside her and Franco introduces me to Laura his fiancĂ©. 

She is from Windsor Ontario and I am honoured that Franco feels comfortable enough with us to introduce Laura to us. She is on board for the sailing as a guest of Franco. 

I return to our table and I tell Bernie who I just met and insist he goes over to say hi to her too.  He heads over and I can hear them laughing.  So I grab my water and head over to sit with them.  Now we are all three at one table.  

Franco is busy doing his end of night stuff and we love getting to know Laura.  I mention to Franco that he should of sat her beside us so at least we can keep her company. 
We learn how they met and how sweet their long distance relationship has been.  And I can’t imagine trying to carry on a relationship like this but they both seem very happy.

After dinner we wander around a bit and decide to head to the Movie Poster Trivia that is being held in Princess Live, we don’t do too too bad but it was fun and that is really what matters.

I want to see a bit of Kory Simon perform and am shocked when even the first day we can’t get a seat in Crooners.  But we take a seat off to the far end and listen and sing a long and it is the perfect end to a great day on board the Royal Princess.


  1. Hi Vickie! It was wonderful meeting you and Bernie. I'm so glad Franco introduced us. Thanks for everything! Laura

  2. Hi Vickie, it was so wonderful to meet both you and Bernie. I know Franco was excited to introduce us! I'm so glad and thanks so much for your kind thoughts...Laura