Monday, January 26, 2015

The Reason I Cruise – Sea Days

me and Captain Dino Sagani
After five port days in a row we are ready for a relaxing sea day.  We didn’t get to sleep till quite late last night and we don’t really have anything planned today so we enjoy sleeping in with the ship rocking us slowly awake. 

Today I dress and head down to the International Café to get the latte and tea.  But on my way back to the cabin I run into friends so chat with them for a few minutes, then I run into some other friends and again a catch up…. So by the time I get back to the cabin I am not sure how hot Bernie’s tea is and I apologize.  One thing I wish is that we could order espresso from room service cause many of you know I am not so good first thing in the morning.

We shower and head up for a quick breakfast.  The Horizon Court is fully stocked and boy if I can’t find something to eat I am nuts.  I see a few usual items and then a few special items like fruit and nut French toast… hmmm sounds good but I am just wanting a bit of eggs and an English muffin and I am good. 

Down to the coffee bar with my tablet and my cappuccino is delivered and I read a few magazines.  There is an outlet sale going on till 1 pm and we see quite a few coming out with purchases.  Brian and Timothy stop by and we ask about their dinner at the Crown Grill yesterday but they said they were very disappointed.  

They were a big group to celebrate Margaret’s 70th birthday.  They encountered poor service and the food was not up to par.  This worries us as this is something we have encountered on many ships and we know they are understaffed.  

Our experience was good the other day but we have heard similar concerns from others.  I think they need an assistant waiter to help out the waiters here.  The specialty restaurants are supposed to be special so we will try the Crown Grill again and we are going to go to Sabatinis next leg and we will report back.

Our last Steel Pan class is today at 1:30 and we arrive in Club 6 and the drumming class is just ending.  The pans have all be delivered and are set up.  Trevor again shines, he is so patient and walks us thru it again.  We practice and we seem to have it down.  The big reveal is tomorrow at 9:00 pm in the Atrium.  Hmmm we are usually dining at this time.  Might have to head to dinner early, but I am okay if I miss it too.  I did enjoy learning it though and encourage anyone doing a Caribbean itinerary to try out one of the classes.

We really wanted to try the “special” afternoon tea that is $10 and we register for it but the art auction is going on in the Atrium too.  The tea is being held in Vines cause of it but with the auction going on we cancel cause we want to have a nice ambiance for it.  We will do it another day for sure.

I sit in Vines at the Bar and Ryan is there and we chat and I ask for a nice fruity, light wine to enjoy this afternoon.  He is very knowledgeable and he recommends a Chardonnay and it is lovely.  We chat about wine and some recommendations.  

He then shows me the Tuscan Tower of wine in Sabatinis and tells us about each of them.  Now we are talking, but boy they are special.  We now definitely want to try the Tuscan Wine tasting next sailing.  When we say to Ryan that the time for it at 11:15 is early he responds “it is 5 pm somewhere”.  I love his attitude and agree, I am on vacation there are no rules.

While sitting there enjoying our wine Michael comes by and we share stories of living in Vancouver in the early 80s.  We are around the same age and frequented many of the same nightclubs, ah memories! 

We walk past the Gelato bar and we see a couple with a sundae and Bernie and I walk in and check it out.  It is the first time in here and we turn and look at each other and agree a sundae is in order.  Bernie gets a banana split and I get the Cookies and Cream for one punch each of our coffee card.  Oh this could be dangerous for the next 21 days.

Back in the cabin we finish watching the movie “About a Boy”.  Lounging on the balcony I am happy to report the banging of the aft door on Promenade to the deck there no longer bangs.  They fixed it… I am impressed and really appreciate it.  See just ask and they will try and accommodate.

Tonight is our Captain Circle Party, there are two of them and we are in the later one at 7:45.  It is also Yvonne’s birthday so we will meet up with them for the party and then dinner for the four of us has been reserved in Symphony dining room. 

Internet signal in my cabin is not the best. I have to sit on the floor by the cabin door to get a decent signal and even then it is only one, sometimes two bars.  

Lots going on tonight though, so much we have to choose what we want to see and hope to see something else the next sailing.

Murder Mystery Game Show: The Dangerous Hour; Up Close and Personal with David Cats; Princess Pop Star Final Heat; What the World Needs Now Show in Princes Theater; Evening Grooves with Trevor Cole; Marriage Match Game Show; and so much more.

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