Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Evening - What a Great Evening Minus the Last Guy

What a fun night.  It started with us attending the Captain Circle Party at 7:45 in Vista Lounge.  We had a good laugh as we enter and said hello to the Captain.  A little inside joke but I know he will never forget us now.

The officers are all there and we greet them all and thank them for an amazing voyage and their hard work.  Simone is giddy with thanks for the chocolate treats we gave her and Lisa.    

Federico Castro the Captain Circle Host welcomes us and we are so happy to see him.  He has just come on after vacation and he has been so busy getting things organized.  He is so professional and patient with everyone and we are so happy to see him again. He tells us to sit up front and the waiters come by with some lovely finger foods and some cocktails.  The music is lovely too.

Federico welcomes everyone and he recognizes us both with our 50th Princess Cruise.

The Captain talks about the ship and what is up and coming.  Oh he is too funny. 

They announce the three top cruisers and they draw for the champagne.  It was a fun night and it is a great way to start the evening.

We head to the dining room where Victor has arranged a nice table for the four of us, but as soon as we take a seat we see Ted and Nancy have also just been sat and we ask if they would like to join us and they say yes! 

We have Danielle and Inna as our servers and then Franco comes by and says hi.  He tells us that the chef has agreed to do a different menu for the Wine Maker’s Dinner for the next sailing and we tell him we are definitely in and we probably will have Alice join us too.

We order a bottle of wine but they don’t have any more of that wine (second time this has happened) so we order a different bottle (they have that one). 

For my appetizer I order the salad roll with tofu which is great. Bernie and some of the others order the escargot but surprisingly none of them cared for it, they actually said it was not garlicky enough.  I ordered the steak adobo but when I got it, it was way to bland for me and as I look over at Bernie’s ravioli Danielle agrees to get me some and that was very good.  Our friends ordered the lobster and they loved it.

We wander around and catch a bit of Kory’s sing a long show, which is packed.  We stand in the background for about 15 minutes but we move on.

We run into friends in Wheelhouse and chat for a bit with them and then as we walk past the Vista lounge David Catz magic show is about to start so we grab a seat there and again he wows us. We loved it.

But then it was ruined.  This man approaches me and says “aren’t you with Cruise Critic” which I reply no I am not.  I blog and have a fan page, which seems to give he the feeling that he can now vent all his issues he is having on board to me.  But I listen patiently to him as he goes on about the Crown Grill last night and then I say “gee that is too bad and you should let the front desk know” then he goes on about something else that is wrong.  I respond “boy I am so sorry you are having such a bad cruise”.  He then says oh no I am having a good cruise.  Could of fooled me I am thinking.  Then he rants on some more about the dining, the Crown Grill, he looks to Bernie for an ally and well Bernie says too “go see the Passenger Services Desk”.  He just didn’t stop and sadly this guy had nothing good to say until the end when he said the food has been good.  Why is it that people need to look at the bad, 99% can be great but 1% is wrong and they dwell on that.

We return to the cabin and I am ticked…. This guy got to me and I sit down and let it go!  No way will I let this negative person ruin my great day and it was a great day.

So as we crawl into bed we watch the morning show and plan our day tomorrow on Princess Cays.

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  1. Sounds like a great evening...except for that guy.

    Oh well...some people are just not going to be happy, no matter what.

    Looking forward to more happy reports from you.