Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Antigua January 21, 2015

Oh my…. Why are we docking so early?  I wake to the sound of the announcement that the ship is now cleared and passengers can disembark.  Hmmm what time is it?  Oh 7:45, it feels like I just went to sleep.  Oh yeah I did!  We roll over and go back to sleep for another hour since it isn’t like we need to be anywhere.

When we finally awake we take some time getting ready and waking up and figuring out what we are going to do today.  It looks nice out, a little overcast and a chance of showers, temperature is around 27 so we both decide a nice relaxing the day at the beach will be in order.

We have to get our stuff together, since we didn’t plan on going to the beach originally we wander around the cabin tripping over each other, slathering on sunscreen, finding hats, towels (which are replaced and in the cabin every night), camera, money etc etc.  Okay I think we are ready, but of course as soon as I step outside the cabin I remember something and back track. 

Okay now we are ready.  Off to deck four midship to get off, and we see there are three other ships in port with us.  Carnival Breeze, a Seaborn ship (so pretty) and another smaller ship behind Carnival.  But the port doesn’t seem busy, but then again it is 10:15 and many are already off on their tours. 

Of course as soon as we clear the gate we are asked ten times… tour, taxi, beach tour, island tour, but we just need a taxi to head to Fort James Beach.  The cost is $6 each for a total of $12 but we give the guy $15.  He drops us off right near the office for the Segway tour that we did last year (you can read about it here).  

There is a nice bar/restaurant there but it is busy with a ship tour it seems.  So we walk down the beach to the place we were at last year near the Candyland Restaurant. 

We sit in two lounge chairs under an umbrella and the restaurant/bar Beach Limerz is right there.  The staff are very friendly and we soon order two rum punches and POW those are GOOD at $5 each. 

It is overcast, but don’t let that fool you the sun is still strong and we reapply twice and still got sun.  The water was cold, but once I was in it was fine.  I had my float and laid in it for a long time, then back to the lounge chair, then back into the water, then the lounge chair, repeat, repeat.

We head up to the restaurant for some food (oh they have free wifi too).  We get two cans of Coke and two Shark n Bake Sandwiches with fries.  

Now we originally tried this sandwich a long time ago when we first went to Trinidad (Read more about that visit here). and we enjoyed it then so we had it again and it was very good.    The entire meal cost us $30.

After about four hours we got them to call us a taxi (but there were numerous taxis around we could of gotten too) and we headed back to the pier.  We had no interest in any shopping here so we got back on around 3:00.

A quick shower to rinse off all that sand and sunscreen and Bernie is watching a movie, but funny he is watching it with his eyes closed.  Time for a nap I think.

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