Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Sea Day – But Boy was it a Busy One

After another restful sleep I am shocked to wake and see that it is already 8 am. I am sleeping like a baby – these beds are divine. 

The only thing that usually wakes me the sounds of the ship wakening around us and I know it is time to get up. 

I head down to the Promenade and stop in at the Princess Live bar that serves cappuccino too. Bernie orders a tea and when it is presented to him Bernie asks for milk to add to his tea, the bartender Martin says “sorry we are running out of milk and it is only available for the coffee drinkers”, we look at him thinking “are you serious” and then he smiles and we laugh! 

Too good! Again this crew is amazing. We sit with Nancy in the Atrium for a bit before heading to the Princess Live Wake Show taping. This is the first I have sat in on the entire show. Toby really shines this morning and even though I am missing Simone, Toby is wining my heart. 

Toby does some trivia questions and one of the questions was who was the original God Mother of the Royal Princess and I know that so I put my hand up and answer --- I know you all know so I won’t say here……. What you are not sure?

It is Princess Diana. I win a bottle of champagne (well it says champagne but I decide to give it to this couple nearby instead). 

The Live show was a fun thing to watch, it is very professionally done and it is neat to see how it is done too. 

I loved that the Maitre D’ Fabio and his assistant and some of his head waiters are there. He explains about the dining venues and we especially love that he talks about the dress code. YES no shorts in the dining room, no hats, and proper attire please. If you want to wear shorts and such there are a lot of places you can go to get food and be comfortable, but the dining room has a dress code and nice slacks and a shirt are required. 

Our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet is happening now in Club 6 and it is very well attended. All of the officers attended and the Captain said a bit and he is so personable. Then Michael the Hotel General Manager introduced the rest of the officers. We really appreciated all of them coming out for this and answering some of our questions. We mix and mingle for a bit and we get to meet Jake from the band “New Deal” and we comment how much we really have enjoyed their music on board. 

Melissa and Jake from the band New Deal

I forgot to mention that I had tried to get in to see the internet manager today but every time we have gone by there is a long line of about ten to fifteen people deep and I really don’t want to wait. Bernie’s account still has not been reset so that I can get a new package for him, every time I go to the page and ask to add minutes to get the 250 minutes it only comes up with buying more. I had no issue with my package, and it is strange why his was not reset.


Seems many are having problems cause the line never dies down and when we come back for his afternoon hours it is still a long line. We give up and decide to just write him a note and he can deal with it later. 

Boy it is already noon! We wanted to head to the perfume shop to stock up on some items. Kylle from South Africa has been so great. The other day when I bought those travel perfume holders that you can refill he helped us so much with different scents that I might like that I wanted to buy some perfume today. So in we go and again Kylle is so helpful. So helpful that we are buying five bottles and with the extra discount from the coupon book and our elite discount we get them for a great price, certainly cheaper than home. 

We had arranged to meet up with Kathy from my Facebook page “Cruising Princess Cruiseline With Vickie” for lunch. At 12:15 we all met and Nancy from San Diego joined in too and we had a great table for 8 and we spent the next hour getting to know each other face to face. 

It is so nice to meet many of the people who are on my page and contribute to its success. So after lunch I make an attempt to head to the cabin to rest but we run into Paul and Yvonne and we then head to the Gelato bar with them. 

Did you know you can use your coffee card for a sundae? One punch! Oh this is going to be bad for our waistline. 

Paul had made reservations for the Crab Shack for us for today but we agreed to change it and we are now all going on the first of February. Fingers crossed that is not the night of the Wine Maker’s Dinner. 

The time is now almost 6 pm, and I didn’t get a nap in…. so I am going to have to wing it with no nap, but I am aiming for an early night. Tonight is the best night to hopefully get to bed early cause Trevor Cole is playing in the Wheelhouse and hopefully won’t go too late so the room will be quieter. But I have my noise cancelling ear phones if necessary (no picture will be provided of this sight).

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