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Second to Last Day

We are slow to get moving today.  After coffee and some breakfast and posting to my blog we hit the beach to our usual spot.

We have not sat around the pool at all for a few reasons.  First chair hogs are not only on ships.  Somehow even first thing there are towels laying over chairs with nothing else.  Second it is just way too hot around the pool.  There are a scattering of umbrellas but not enough and the wind is much stronger by the water which helps keep us cool.  Lastly the pool by mid day does not look good.  A visible film of yuck is noticeable and that is only what we see!

Love our PacSafe portable safe.  It comes in handy at the beach when we go for lunch.  We put items it and lock it up and attach to lounge chair knowing it is safe.

When we come back to the room our room is partially cleaned but the bathroom has not been cleaned.  We have bath towels but no face clothes no extra bar of soap, and counter and floor are dirty.  No towel animal today in fact only part of the …

Two Beach Days and Walk Into Bucerias

Blogging about our time here is very different than on a cruise.  Not much to report from here that is really interesting.  On a cruise there are new things daily and different port stops to report on.

Both Monday and Tuesday we woke up and hit the beach around 10 am.  We get two lounge chairs near the water, get an umbrella for the necessary shade (100 pesos to rent) and spend the day.

On Monday a beautiful wedding happened on the beach around 4 pm. The couple is from Britain and they have about 20 family and friends with them.  I took pictures and will share here when I get home.  I think a wedding like this would be a great option, but kind of odd that people are watching your wedding in their bathing suits.
Lots of new faces appear each day as guests come and go from the resort.  Seems everyone goes crazy with the sun and fries and is beet red the next day.  It is very strong the sun and I can't stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen and keep reapplying it.  We …

Sunday Evening in Nuevo Vallarta

After a bit of a rest we shower and dress for diner. Tonight dinner is in the Japanese restaurant.  There is a dress code but it is basic and I would think should be standard but somehow I think if it was not in place people would wear almost anything.  You can't wear shorts or tank tops.

We arrive for our 2045 reservation.  As previously mentioned all the specialty restaurants have two seatings.  First is around 1915 the second usually around 2045 or 2100.  So if you are use to eating very early this could be an issue.

We wander around until our reservation.  Neither of us feels like drinking so we just walk around the pools.  The staff are scrubbing down the pool deck.  Every night they scrub the tiles around the pool.  It is always very clean.  The pools close at 1900 and they treat/clean the pool then.  It is a huge pool and I am afraid to think of what happens in it.  I do notice by mid day there is film of guck floating on the top but I am pretty sure that is sunscreen but…

Sunday Stroll on the Malecon

Oh what a day.  You know those days when you wake up and feel like you should just stay in bed.  That was our day.

We had a good sleep. Woke feeling rested.

And I was even hungry!  So we went down for breakfast around 9 am.  It was very pleasant, not too busy.  We took a seat outside and enjoyed our meal.

Now is where I start to feel myself getting bitten.  Now if something bites then I know it will bite me! In humid conditions little sand flies, or midges, or noseeums. .. they go by various names often attack me.  Happens in the Caribbean, Florida, Panama.  But usually I am limited with exposure there.

But early morning or around dusk they come out!  So back in the room I take a look and I have five bites around my ankles.  Oh don't scratch!  I drop an antihistamine and that helps but we need to get some bug spray.

Not sure what to do today.  We have had two full days on the beach and I feel like we need a day off.  So we agree to head into Puerto Vallarta for a lovely Sunday…

Beach and Two Specialty Restaurants

It has been two days since I have written a blog post.  Main reason for not writing is not much exciting has happened.  This whole trip was about relaxing and enjoying the beach and sun.

This is exactly what we have done.

Every day we wake and put on our swimsuits, lather on the sunscreen, grab some beach towels and head to the beach where we either situate ourselves under a palm tree or get an umbrella.

We have lunch at the buffet and then back to the beach.

A few drinks.  And playing in the water.

Back to the room for a shower and usually a short nap.  A day lounging at the beach is tiring.

Dress for dinner and eat, wander around the resort, sometimeso watch the show.  But the shows are the same each week so we have seen them all.

Usually back to the he room by 11, even by 10 and watch some TV or movie from our tablet and then sleep.

The food here is higher quality and selection than the last resort.  The servers also have smaller sections so they are on top of things when it come…

Relaxation at it's Best

I have to catch up here.  Have not blogged for two days!

Our Wednesday was spent at the beach.  At first we went around the pool but a smoker sat beside us so we thought let's head back to the beach where there is a good breeze and good shade.

Really smokers have not been a big issue here.  You can not smoke in the hotel or outdoor venues like dining areas or theater.  You can smoke at the pool, beach and outside garden.  So most smokers congregate at the stairs and smoke there.  They have been very courteous and have followed the rules.

We get two lounge chairs ato beach and get an umbrella (100 pesos) to give us full shade when needed.  I should add we have gone thru 2 and a half containers of sunscreen already.  The sun is strong and I don't want to ruin my holiday with a burn.  Trust me there are a few lobsters walking around.

We really did not do much except read (we are both almost finished our second book), swim, drink, and chat with others.

We met a few couples from B…

Tuesday Evening - Dinner Celebration

After a short nap we shower and dress and head out.  Have to say I am enjoying the break from dressing up for dinner on this vacation.  It is a nice change.

We head down to the lobby and get a cab (85 pesos) to Bucerias the town just North of here.

See how ornate the lobby is.  Even the check in desk is fancy.

We walk around a bit.  I love this town.  Nothing fancy, you won't find a Senor Frogs here, Hard Rock.  This is more authentic.  People here are hard working locals. Friendly and approachable and eager for your business.

Tonight  we head back to Meson on the Bay.  If you are enjoying in Bucerias head over the foot bridge and the restaurant is on your right.  You have to walk in to it as it is right on the water.  This is the signew you should see at the road, you can't miss it.  We were here a few years ago with friends from the Star Princess.  Read about it here

We get a table right at the wate…

Older and Wiser - Hotel Change Is Necessary

That was a bust of a night.  Neither of us slept much.  Even with the new room we were waken throughout the night with sounds of partiers.  A group of young women screaming up and down the halls was the last straw.

In the morning we see our neighbors, a young family with two babies, for whom we heard not a peep from.  They too commented on all the noise.

I am up at 6 am, frustrated on how to remedy the situation.  I head to the lobby lounge with a coffee and write up my blogs from the previous days and wait for the Sunwing Rep. David to arrive at nine.

When he arrives I sit down and explain the problem.  He shows concerns and wants to fix the situation.  I ask if it is possible to change hotels.  I ask for the Riu Pacific Palace.  You see there are three Riu hotels here, all relatively close by.  The one we are at is the lowest and cheapest.  The Riu Vallarta is a bit higher up but we already know we don't want it from visiting it yesterday in the evening. Then there is the Riu Pa…

Monday May 16

We wake to a good night's sleep.  We both agree we need a break from the beach today and the sun.  We decide to head into Puerto Vallarta today by bus.
The local bus runs around every 15 min.  Transit here is not like at home.  There are no schedules, cost seems to be fluid depending on distance, driver, type of bus, and well possibly the moon.  So go with the flow.  The bus is an experience and you need to have an open mind.  Plus the cost is cheap no matter what.  A taxi to town is reasonable around 200 to 250 pesos.  But the bus is around 23 pesos each.  Sure it will take longer but make sure to try it at least once.

We cross the street to catch the bus.  Here the bus runs in a clockwise direction.  From town north to Nuevo Vallarta, circling around and then further north up to Flamingos area where the three Riu hotels are then back out to the highway and then south to the Walmart and then Sheraton.
We just missed a bus so we wait for around 20 min for the next one.  Fare was …