Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day At Sea - Ruby Princess Repo

Oh I love these new beds and linens!  What an improvement.  I slept like a baby.  

There is the fitted sheet, a top sheet, then the duvet that has a cover on it and an envelope-type pocket at the top that the duvet goes in to.  It works but the duvet often comes out of the pocket.  It needs something to keep it in place, like ties or buttons.

A Canadian Customs form has been delivered to all the cabins.  Everyone needs to fill out the form before we arrive in Victoria.  We are to leave it in our cabin for our steward to retrieve.

We are up early enough to head to the dining room for breakfast.  Breakfast in the dining room is so much more civilized and we arrive just after 8.  The place fills up soon after we take a seat.  Our waiter gets slammed!  I feel bad for him.

Because of this breakfast took a long time - about an hour. But we are on vacation and enjoyed the time.  We got the fresh squeezed orange juice (including in the all inclusive drink package).

After breakfast we head to the Atrium to read.  The place is busy.  It is still relatively early and many come to the International Cafe for a quick breakfast.

We tried to reserve a future cruise deposit thru the Princess At Sea App but you can only get it in the currency you booked the cruise in.  So since we booked in Canadian Dollar we would have to get the deposit in Canadian.  We prefer to get a US Future Cruise Deposit, so we fill out the paper form and drop it in the box.  An email confirmation arrives the day - very efficient.

So what are our plans today!  Well not much!  But we have been invited to the bridge today.  Always a treat and we have never been on the Ruby's bridge.  

While on the bridge we saw a large pod of dolphins, jumping and playing right below us.  Of course I tried to get a shot but the camera on the phone just won't cut it.

Because we have the drink package we get a drink -- notice the theme.  Moscow Mule for me. 

It is 12:30 so we head for lunch but oh my the line to get into the dining room on deck 6 snakes all the way to the Purser's Desk.  Seems the dining room is full.  So we head to the Horizon Court.  

It is busy but not too bad.  Seems many haven't figure out the buffet yet.  No long lines but many items are running out.  Then to try and find a seat is hard, but we join another couple.

After a nice lunch we find a seat in Crooners to read and relax.  Life is good.

Well since we are so stressed - NOT - a nap is in order.  We crawl into the very comfortable bed and we are out!  We slept for over an hour.  Guess we needed it.

Shower, dress for dinner and drinks in Adagio is just what we need.  It is actually kind of busy up here.  I don't think I have ever seen it this busy - there are around 50 people here!  Share restaurant is right next door and since the large Corporate group is dining at all the specialty restaurants many here are heading that way soon.

I get a Sidecar Martini and of course a plate of olives.  It is perfect.

We make our way to the Atrium.  They are doing a champagne waterfall.  They are pouring the champagne and taking the pictures but there is no Captain's Welcome Aboard presentation though.

It is busy, packed actually - noisy too - and ship feels FULL.

Dinner is back in Daniel and Alla's section.  His section is full and they are busy.

We start with an appetizer.  Bernie gets the pate and loves it.  I had the crab and artichoke dip, which was good but found personally thin and runny.

I really wanted the Parmesan bowl with the Fettucini.  Sadly no parmesan bowl I am told.  Daniel apologizes and says they haven't done a bowl for a few sailings and isn't sure why.

My entree request was the Curtis Stone pork dish.  But I later saw the dish at the table beside us and it is way too fatty and change my request to the Pad Thai entree which was excellent.

No dessert for us.  We order 2 Sicilian Kiss drinks.  But when we get them we see it is not made the the liquerus we usually get.  Guess now with Sabatinis gone - this was a featured drink there - some bartenders don't know it.  But it tastes good so we keep it.   Daniel brings us a lovely cheese plate - not the usual menu cheese plate but a large plate with fruit, cheese, crackers - yummy.

We surprise Daniel with a Chubaka mask - he loves Chubaka! Plus it is May the 4 - aka - May the force.

Oh I forgot to mention we ran into Dana (the F&B Director). She is shocked to see us.  We catch up with her.  We find out she is now married!  How exciting. She looks great and seems very happy.  We make plans for tomorrow to catch up.

Around 10 pm we are both full and we wander the ship. The comedian is on, but we have seen him before. Rootberry is performing but we've seen them many times too. Hmm maybe we need to change lines to see some new acts.

The buffet theme tonight is the German theme.

They are also doing a Chef's Table tonight - might be for the Corporate group.

The Salty Dog Pub is packed too.

My favorite scene today was a family of vie playing Monopoly out by Explorers Lounge.  How often do families get to spend time together like this.

There is no Zumba. In fact there is much fewer daytime activities.


  1. What is the advantage of Cruise Deposits in US dollars?

    1. We are Canadian. But we use a US Agency to book, and they require US currency deposit. but this short trip was booked directly with Princess and they charged us in Canadian. No real benefit