Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Older and Wiser - Hotel Change Is Necessary

That was a bust of a night.  Neither of us slept much.  Even with the new room we were waken throughout the night with sounds of partiers.  A group of young women screaming up and down the halls was the last straw.

In the morning we see our neighbors, a young family with two babies, for whom we heard not a peep from.  They too commented on all the noise.

I am up at 6 am, frustrated on how to remedy the situation.  I head to the lobby lounge with a coffee and write up my blogs from the previous days and wait for the Sunwing Rep. David to arrive at nine.

When he arrives I sit down and explain the problem.  He shows concerns and wants to fix the situation.  I ask if it is possible to change hotels.  I ask for the Riu Pacific Palace.  You see there are three Riu hotels here, all relatively close by.  The one we are at is the lowest and cheapest.  The Riu Vallarta is a bit higher up but we already know we don't want it from visiting it yesterday in the evening. Then there is the Riu Pacific Palace which is their most expensive and more stars.

He checks and there is availability and all we have to do is pay the difference.  So for $1,000 Canadian we can move for the next ten nights.  Done!  One thing we have learned is if we are not happy we have to fix it.

I don't really blame the hotel.  We did get a steal for the flight and hotel for two weeks for only  $1,500 plus tax for both of us.  That is all inclusive too.  We got what we paid for and I see why young people would come here cause a week was only around $500 plus tax.

While talking with the Sunwing Rep a family talking to the other rep also wants to move.  Hmm this could be a trend.

I compare the hotel to a week on a Carnival ship during spring break!  It is a good product for some but not for this couple.  I would not recommend it to friends my age either.

So it was key to fix it and thankfully we could.

We had to check out at 11 and the front desk was surprised we were leaving.  But when we stated all the partiers she noded and understood.  We got in a cab to the Palace which is only two blocks away (50 pesos).

Right away we see and feel the difference.  This hotel is very opulent.  Sort of feels Italian.  Very ornate.  Not really my style but heck for ten days it will do quite nicely.

We are handed a beverage and we check in.  They assign us a room on the second floor and we request something higher if possible.  They check and we are given a room on the sixth floor.... I believe there are only 8 floors here.  With a partial ocean view.  However the room won't be ready till 3 ish.

No problem they put our bracelets on and we are free to use the services till the room is ready.

We have our bathing suits on under our shorts so we grab some towels and head to the beach.

The demographics are very different here.  Mainly couples, some families, Canadians, Mexicans and some Americans, varying ages.  But no groups of 20 somethings or large families of 20!

The pool area is large and there is no blaring music coming from the speakers around it.  The beach is quieter and more space to spread out.

Here they even come around and take your drink orders.

We relax here for almost three hours and then head to the lunch buffet for a small snack.

Big buffet, similar food but a bit higher end.  Certainly not as crazy with the crowds. When we sit down we are asked if we would like a drink.  They bring us a bottle of beer instead of beer from a tap.  I get a whole bottle of Pepsi instead of a glass.

We wander around and look at all the venues.  Here there are four al la carte restaurants too and the menus certainly have higher end options.  We will try them out and report back.

Here is a link to the hotel http://m.riu.com/movil/en/paises_movil/mexico/vallarta-riviera-nayarit/hotel-riu-palace-pacifico/index.jsp

We head to the room and we are pleased with the view.

The room is large with a separate seating area.

Nicer finishes throughout the room.

Big bathroom with double sinks and jacuzzi tub.  A tub! That is rare in Mexico and I know as soon as I unpack I am getting into a bath.  Nice toiletries are provided where other resort had none.

Again stocked bar is provided.  Also coffee maker in the room.  We also get 24 hours room service too.  And there is free WiFi throughout the hotel including our room. Other hotel it was only free (unless you paid a premium) in hotel lobby.

Overall we are much happier with the room.  Oh and it is very quiet!

We will nap before heading out tonight for dinner in Bucerias.  Bernie has planned a nice evening out.

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  1. I am glad you switched. Sounds like you will have a much calmer and enjoyable time.