Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Second Sea Day - Ruby Princess Repo

Wake after a restful night.  There was movement last night. But it rocked me to sleep.

Bernie goes down to get coffees, but soon we dress and head up to the Horizon Court (forget the dining room - too busy).  It is early enough

that Horizon Court is not too CRAZY - yet.  We sit with Ursula, who we met last night.

Daniel serves us.  He gets us our fresh squeezed orange juice - this drink package.

Back to the cabin to shower then to try and find a quiet place to sit and read. But that is difficult as the weather is overcast and very windy.  

The International Cafe is packed!  We last an hour then head to the Wheelhouse to read in a quieter spot.  

One nice thing is the Wheelhouse has higher tables now that they have the Salty Dog Pub.  These tables are a great place to use during the day for cards or games.

There are quite a few birders on board, we sit with two and learn about what they have spotted this trip.  

Once again we try to go to the dining room for lunch.  We thought going later might help.  We check it out at 1:05 but there were over 50 people lined up.  Oh well I guess the Horizon Court it is then.

The Horizon Court is crazy busy too -- seems to be a trent. Getting a table is hard too.  But we manage to scoop one up just as someone leaves. 

We both comment this ship feels so very crowded.  Or more to the point, this sailing feels crowded. There are lots of large groups that have closed off venues for meetings.  Lots of large family groups, and groups of friends travelling together.  

This changes they dynamic for sure.  Not in a bad way necessarily but it is different.  Lots of tables or couches are filled with these groups meaning people sit and congregate for longer periods.

Also they closed the outside public spots and pools because of the high winds forcing people inside.

There is a game called gift of the gab in the Vista hosted by Ana.  I meet up with Arlene and Tim and their sons and we have fun playing it and we even win.

I am back in the cabin.  Bernie is sleeping so I read for a bit before I crash for an hour.


  1. We had lots of fun playing gift of gab with you. I used my pen at work today. Arlene says hi! Hope to cruise with you again.

    1. we really enjoyed your company too. Did you see the picture of the two of you from an earlier blog? good shot of the two of you. would love to sail with you both again. If you are ever up here again and have some time let us know we would love to show you around.