Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Stroll on the Malecon

Oh what a day.  You know those days when you wake up and feel like you should just stay in bed.  That was our day.

We had a good sleep. Woke feeling rested.

And I was even hungry!  So we went down for breakfast around 9 am.  It was very pleasant, not too busy.  We took a seat outside and enjoyed our meal.

Now is where I start to feel myself getting bitten.  Now if something bites then I know it will bite me! In humid conditions little sand flies, or midges, or noseeums. .. they go by various names often attack me.  Happens in the Caribbean, Florida, Panama.  But usually I am limited with exposure there.

But early morning or around dusk they come out!  So back in the room I take a look and I have five bites around my ankles.  Oh don't scratch!  I drop an antihistamine and that helps but we need to get some bug spray.

Not sure what to do today.  We have had two full days on the beach and I feel like we need a day off.  So we agree to head into Puerto Vallarta for a lovely Sunday afternoon.

We walk out to the main road, about 20 minute walk, instead of waiting for the bus. Bernie makes me laugh as he says usually the bus comes around the top of the hour. Really I say, there is no schedule here!

As soon as we get to the main highway a bus is approaching.  He beeps the horn, I raise my hand and it stops.  Sure glad our system is not like that at home we would never get anywhere.  The bus system here is sort of private.  The government takes a percentage and issues paper tickets for proof of payment.  But the driver runs his own bus and runs only on bus routes where they can make money.  So you get a ton of buses on the busy areas but if you are on the outskirts forget it.  And needless to say buses fight for passengers.  Speeding to pass the bus in front so they can get more fares.

We pay 13 pesos each to ride to the Sheraton where we get off and then walk towards to the Malecon.  It is busy here, lots of people out for the day with the family.  It is lovely to see so many families here who are out together.

Oh forgot to mention as we rode in there was a fire in the field off the highway.  It was quite large.  Not sure how it started but with the dry weater, high temperature I am sure it could turn ugly quick.  Firefighters were there dealing with.

Back to the Malecon and picture taking.  We stroll for a few hours.  We are melting!

We stop for a bite to eat and a cold beverage or two.

Have to say as a woman I have been approached a few times by men whenever Bernie is away (like using the washroom) and I am waiting for him.  I handle it but really don't like it.  Feel like an object and heck this guy that was hitting on me could be my son!  Yuck.  Don't think I would felt comfortable visiting here on my own as a woman.

Then we walk around a bit more and around 430 we are ready to head back.  We decide to take a taxi back.  We go to a stand and always ask the price before getting in.  We know the price should be around 230 to 250 pesos.  Guy says $25 US, we say what in pesos and he says 500!  Wow and we walk away.  Then another guy says 250 and we say okay and get in.

It is frustrating, and Mexico is not unique to this either we have this happen in the Caribbean too.  But you always feel like you need to know the fare and you have a hard time trusting people.  Just wish they had the fares posted and that is it!

Back at the hotel we try and nap but there is too much noise coming from around us with people coming and going.

Tonight we dine at the Asian restaurant and I am looking forward to it.

Hard to believe we have only a few days left, but honestly I am ready to go home.  I miss home.  But I know once I get there I will miss Mexico.

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