Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Beach Days and Walk Into Bucerias

Blogging about our time here is very different than on a cruise.  Not much to report from here that is really interesting.  On a cruise there are new things daily and different port stops to report on.

Both Monday and Tuesday we woke up and hit the beach around 10 am.  We get two lounge chairs near the water, get an umbrella for the necessary shade (100 pesos to rent) and spend the day.

On Monday a beautiful wedding happened on the beach around 4 pm. The couple is from Britain and they have about 20 family and friends with them.  I took pictures and will share here when I get home.  I think a wedding like this would be a great option, but kind of odd that people are watching your wedding in their bathing suits.
Lots of new faces appear each day as guests come and go from the resort.  Seems everyone goes crazy with the sun and fries and is beet red the next day.  It is very strong the sun and I can't stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen and keep reapplying it.  We probably do four coats in a day of 30 SPF.  So far we have been lucky no bad burns.

Every day around the pool they set up a barbecue and you can get a variety of foods there that you can enjoy by the pool or beach.  Not much selection so we usually end up at the buffet.  Note you are not suppose to take food from the buffet to the beach.

Wind is strong and helps with the heat.  Around the pool there is not much of a wind.
The waves are fun, lots of people enjoyed using Boogie boards or body surfing in the waves, including us.

We have both are on our third books and are totally relaxed.

The evenings are still rather dull.

Monday night we walked into Bucerias along the beach.  Was interesting to see some of the sea life that has washed up along the shore.  Puffer fish, some kind of sea snake thing, crabs, and half eaten fish.  Of course I too, pictures but they are on my camera so will out up later.

The walk took about 45 minutes and was nice but difficult to walk in the sand and then there is the issue of your feet full of sand when we arrive at the main square.

We are approached by a man who introduces himself as Miguel and he has a restaurant in the square called Miguel Angel.  Funny we were approached by the same man last week when we were here to check out his restaurant.  He offers us a tap to rinse off our feet.  We take him up on his offer.

We also take a seat in his restaurant and order drinks.  There is live music and we enjoy an hour or so here.

We do notice that the change given back to us from when we pay is not correct.  We comment and the waiters says "tip".  Silly guy, it was only a difference of 40 pesos or so that he short changed us.  But we would of tipped a lot more if he would not of played the game with us.

This does happen on occasion all over the world.  As a traveler you can encounter this anywhere.  Sadly I don't think Miguel the owner who worked so hard to get us to his restaurant knows this is happening.  Because we had thought of coming back for dinner some time but now won't.

We stop and get fresh Churro from the street vendor.  Yummy and only 6 pesos.

A quick cab ride back cause walking on the beach would be hard after a few drinks.

Each morning we order room service and we enjoy it in the balcony with this amazing view.  But it is warm out there.

Tuesday night we dined at the hotel and then decided to walk to the Riu Vallarta. Being at the Palace we have privledges at all three Riu resorts.

There are three Riu hotels here, all relatively close to each other.  The lowest end is the Riu Jallisco where we were at.  Had a giggle as we walked past it as it says on its sign it is a five star.  No it is definitely not, maybe a 2 or low 3.  Good if you expect that but not if you expect five stars.

The Riu Vallarta is a bit further and isome a bit nicer (I know it was more expensive thand the Riu Jallisco but not a whole much more expensive).  The hotel layouts for every Riu is basically the same.  A large U shape building with the activities going on in the inner courtyard.

We walk around and then take a seat in the lobby bar and order drinks.  This is also a nice hotel.  The demographics seem to be a lot more families.

As we sit we discuss all our Mexican holidays and was it always like this?  You see way before we started cruising all we did was two weeks at all inclusive all over Mexico.  Now we feel this is no longer for us.  I think maybe renting a condo may be better suited to us.

One thing we have found is the drinks are so sweet.  Seems to be at each hotel too. Not sure why.  Maybe one of you know why.  They don't skimp on the alcohol but boy are they extra sweet.  I know they are inclused in the package but I think my vote goes to buying a drink and getting a better product.

We walk back and watch TV on the tablet.

We have two more days and we are happy and sad to go home.  We have even started discussing our next cruise if the dollar gets better.

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