Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Evening in Nuevo Vallarta

After a bit of a rest we shower and dress for diner. Tonight dinner is in the Japanese restaurant.  There is a dress code but it is basic and I would think should be standard but somehow I think if it was not in place people would wear almost anything.  You can't wear shorts or tank tops.

We arrive for our 2045 reservation.  As previously mentioned all the specialty restaurants have two seatings.  First is around 1915 the second usually around 2045 or 2100.  So if you are use to eating very early this could be an issue.

We wander around until our reservation.  Neither of us feels like drinking so we just walk around the pools.  The staff are scrubbing down the pool deck.  Every night they scrub the tiles around the pool.  It is always very clean.  The pools close at 1900 and they treat/clean the pool then.  It is a huge pool and I am afraid to think of what happens in it.  I do notice by mid day there is film of guck floating on the top but I am pretty sure that is sunscreen but it doesn't look good.  I don't know much about pools and what can be done here, maybe one of you knows.

We arrive at the restaurant and we are sat at a table for two.  We are presented small glasses of sake, which was quite good.  We like sake and this one was presented perfectly.  My Japanese friends say sake should not be served hot.  People heat it up to mask the poor quality.  Don't know if this is true but this one was room temperature.

First course is shared sushi, which was presented beautifully.

The next course you pick from the menu.  I chose the spring rolls and for my entrĂ©e the tempura fish and vegetables.

The room is lovely.  Only sits 44 and it is not full.  There are two young children here (at two different tables) one is constantly banging their spoon on their plate the other right beside us is being entertained with a video with the sound up so we all get to enjoy - NOT.  Not sure why someone would bring a child to this type of restaurant they are obviously bored and there are better suited places.  But it takes away from the atmosphere.

However after finishing the sushi Bernie is suffering.  It isn't the food here that is bothering him but since we returned to the hotel today he has had wicked heart burn.  He rarely gets this, but I am guessing the three beers, salsa, chips and enchiladas at lunch had something to do with it.

He doesn't want to eat but says he will stay for me to eat.  Well I don't want that so we decide to leave.  We go to the main buffet where I grab some salad and we take it back to the room.  Bernie takes something for his heartburn and it settles down.

So it was a quiet night. We put on our pj's and watch episodes of the Big Bang Theory.


  1. Hi Vicki! Enjoying your review as always, and appreciate your perspective on this 'non-cruise' vacation. If I'm being honest, I'll say that reading this has convinced me that cruises are a much better fit for me. From the challenges you had in the first bargain resort to the bugs, the persistent time share salespeople ... sounds like you two are still enjoying yourselves which is great! Would you do another of these?

  2. I will do a final blog and compare and respond then