Wednesday, May 11, 2016


We didn't get back to the cabin until around one am and we crashed.

Around 8 am we start to hear people getting up around us. There is a family group near us.  They have the cabin beside us, and two across the hall, and a few elsewhere. For some reason they congregate outside their cabin doors and carry on their visit.  Even at 8 am!  Not very considerate.

I catch up on the blog as Bernie heads down to get the coffees.

Our arrival into Victoria is not until 10 am.  Since this ship/itinerary feels so crowded most of the time, I don't want to rush out to breakfast at the peak times.  To read more blogs about Victoria click here.

While in the cabin we hear an announcement in the public areas looking for a crew member.  After a few minutes the same announcement is broadcast in the cabins looking for the crew member.  Of course this is not normal and I wonder what has happened.  Hope they are okay, and I really hope they are not in a passenger cabin - that could have very bad results.  We later find out that the crew member was stuck in the elevator for over two hours. Guess he won't get in trouble then - I am glad.

Today we are meeting up with our dear dear friend Alice Schmidt who we have sailed with numerous times.  Alice is sailing on the Westerdam that is docked beside us.  Our other friends Connie and Derek are here from Powell River and they will meet up with Alice, then Bernie will join them when we dock.  I will wait on board until Daniel and Alla finish work and we will go out the five of us to show them the sites of Victoria.

Observation:  Not sure if it is this particular short itinerary (although we have done others and not had this) but entertainment events are very sparse.  The Patter is padded with items like what show is shown on the Mutts, in cabin TV and Spa events.  For example - Victoria day afternoon events in the Patter show the following:  noon to 3:15 World Atlas USA; 1:00 Mrs Doubtfire; 2:00 The Revenant; 3:00 Daddy's Home.  And that is it, no other activities during these times, and this is similar to other days.

We head ashore and decide to walk towards town.  It is an easy walk to town.  Flat and about 20-30 minutes.  We walk along the water to Fisherman's Warf and check that out.

Then to the British Columbia Legislature where we go in and show them the stunning building and where our Provincial matters are dealt with.

For lunch we head to Milestones right on the harbor and sit outside.  It is very very hot out and it feels great but I did get a sunburn.  Should of worn sunscreen.  

just a little Sangria for Alla and I

Cold drinks, good food, and great friends - who could ask for anything more.

Since this is Alla and Alice's first visit to Victoria we have to get them to try some essential Canadian items.  A Beaver Tail!  There is a little restaurant just off Government Street the specializes in Beaver Tails.  We got the regular one that I grew up with.  Just butter with cinnamon and sugar on it. We all shared the one.  Yum, just as I remember it from my childhood. 

Around 3:30 we start making our way back as Alla has to get back to work.  Daniel had to leave earlier as he has to do the Afternoon Tea service.

Bernie and I try to nap but there is a lot of noise coming from the hallways with people coming back from being ashore, and those going up for dinner.

Tonight is the last night with Daniel and Alla.  We are sad, but we are so happy that we got to spend some time with them.

the Curtis Stone Chicken and Leek Pot pie - very good
We are in bed just after 11 pm - we sail at midnight and we are ready to get off tomorrow.

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