Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday May 16

We wake to a good night's sleep.  We both agree we need a break from the beach today and the sun.  We decide to head into Puerto Vallarta today by bus.

The local bus runs around every 15 min.  Transit here is not like at home.  There are no schedules, cost seems to be fluid depending on distance, driver, type of bus, and well possibly the moon.  So go with the flow.  The bus is an experience and you need to have an open mind.  Plus the cost is cheap no matter what.  A taxi to town is reasonable around 200 to 250 pesos.  But the bus is around 23 pesos each.  Sure it will take longer but make sure to try it at least once.

We cross the street to catch the bus.  Here the bus runs in a clockwise direction.  From town north to Nuevo Vallarta, circling around and then further north up to Flamingos area where the three Riu hotels are then back out to the highway and then south to the Walmart and then Sheraton.

We just missed a bus so we wait for around 20 min for the next one.  Fare was 15 pesos each (could be different tomorrow). We get off near the marina and catch the Centro bus from there which was 7.5 pesos each.

While waiting for the bus we meet Jose who is on his way to work.  We chat with him the whole way.  I laugh and remember all day the story he told me about having bought property and that it is cheap here.  He pays for water but taps into the electricity as many of his neighbors do, for free.  No one says anything.  He says a few months back the electric workers came by and cut them all off.  But all the women in the neighborhood got angry and came out and screamed and threatened them because no one interferes with their Mexican soap operas. And they reattached them and haven't been back since.  Hilarious!

We get off right at the main square and visit the tourist office.  We gather some info about walking tours.  Which are held on Tuesday  and Wednesday.  We then walk along the Malecon across the river to the Romantic Zone where we stop and enjoy an iced coffee.

The new pier is done now.  Still remember them building this pier when we were here while on the Star Princess.  It sure is a beautiful pier.

Lots of lovely restaurants, bars and places to enjoy the beach here. 

But we are more interested in exploring and we spend the next two hours walking and seeing some areas we have seen before and some new areas.  Some things have really changed some things have not.

For lunch we head to the Langosta Feliz or Happy Lobster.  This place was recommended by some friends from our cruising world.   Big shout out to Bruce and Sharon for the recommendation.

We enjoy an amazing meal!  And quite reasonable. 

We walk away stuffed!  A short walk downhill to the main drag (note sidewalks here are not like at home, you need to pay attention) to the Sheraton hotel where we walk to the Mega store to pick up a few items. 

We board the bus to the Walmart terminal and then wait for the bus to Nuevo Vallarta.  The ride back seems to take forever and I am falling asleep.

Back at the resort I am hot and sticky and need a shower and nap in that order.

However the resort seems to have some new guests around us.  As we try and nap all we hear are people outside on their balconies partying.  Hooting, screaming  to their friends.  All of a sudden I feel like it is Springs break here.  Doesn't help that the resort is a U shape with the courtyard sounds bouncing off the buildings enhancing the sounds. 

Here is a shot of the swim up bar and trust me this is quiet.

After trying to nap for two hours we give up.  Sure I can tolerate day to day sounds but this is crazy.  There is even someone blaring their music on their balcony. 

We discuss our options and decide to see the front desk about changing rooms to an outside facing room on the south side. We move to a room on the third floor that faces out to an open field.  View isn't the pretty manicured lawn but it is much quieter.  Sure we still need to deal with the noise from the corridors but usually that is temporary.

After moving and unpacking (thankfully we don't have much stuff), we head to the lobby bar for a drink.  Both of us need it.

Dinner is down in the buffet around 9 pm.  The place is busy!  We have a problem getting a table and sit finally and enjoy dinner.  Again the buffet has many options and it is good and meets our needs but it is crazy busy.

As we sit outside enjoying dinner we can look up to the third floor near where our old room was and see some guys that have just arrived.  All young men who are jumping up and down screaming to each other on their balconies, smoking, doing shots (this is where the liquor dispensers in the room could be a problem).  I am glad we moved.  But we both note the dynamics of this place have changed considerably and we are not sure what to do.

I comment we got this amazing deal and I guess we got what we paid for. 

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  1. Heck, that sucks. You either need to try and see if you can find another place, or join them! Cruising does make you spoiled.