Sunday, May 15, 2016

Evening at the Riu Jallisco

We showered and got ready for dinner. A big difference is evening wear.  No need for smart casual here, we head out in nice shorts and blouse for me and shirt for Bernie. Do I like this...well yeah, for now, but I also like dressing up for the evening too.  But I can do this on board too.  Some evenings on board we stay totally casual and dine at Horizon Court too.

We head to the lobby bar for drinks.  It is always interesting how every evening a strong wind kicks up and lasts until around 8 and thenot dies down again.  The wind is nice as it cools things down considerably.

Yes weather is lovely... hot!  Humid! Heck it was 28 at 11 pm!  But we have great air conditioning in the room (boy I keep wanting to call it a cabin - force of habit).

Down in the lobby bar we order drinks and it is lovely. The Mariachi band kicks into full swing just below us, it is so nice to be in Mexico.

Bernie encounters a lovely "WOMAN" who embraces Bernie.  Love it.

We head down to the buffet for dinner I can't say enough about how great the staff is. Everyone is smiling and helpful and very eager to please.

Tonight's theme is Mexican night and the buffet blows my mind. A meal like this at a restaurant wood cost a lot. Each food station looks beautiful. I took a lot of pictures so you could see it.

We start out with appetizers, lots and lots of seafood choices.

Tonight I try white wine and it is quite good. Bernie goes for the darker beer and says it is ok.

For our main course we try an array of fish pork beef and some were a hit and some were a miss. Overall it was very good. Sure some items could be better but most were great. Even if you don't like Mexican there were a lot of options. There were pastas, pizzas, burgers, fries and hot dogs and a huge salad buffet.

For dessert I get Baily over ice and Bernie gets a Spanish coffee made tableside.

We get a few items from the dessert Buffet one thing is the pastries are not to our liking I think the high humidity does not lend well to pastries.

It is now 9:30 and we head out towards the theater. Again it is Mexican night so there is a Mexican folklore show. It has already started when we show up and all the tables are occupied but we asked to join a couple who happened to be from Hundred Mile House in British Columbia.

This show was nice. They did encounter some sound issues but we're able to resolve it very quickly.  The show was nice.  They really work hard.  It is something to see if you have never been here before.  We enjoy chatting with the other couple, sorry I did not get their name. And we end up leaving before the show ends.  Just too many distractions with people getting up.  Similar to the Princess theater, that is why we always sit up front on ships because of distractions.

We stroll around the pools and we chat about the evening. Here is where we notice the biggest difference from cruising. Because we are at a resort the evening means either drinking in a bar and/or watching the show. There is a disco that starts later on though.

On a ship there is a lot more to do, you can see a comedian, see the Production show, go to Piano Bar Bar, do one of the game shows and of course Disco for dancing and there are numerous areas for live music. So far I would rule evenings are better on ships.

Tonight we decide to go back to our room and we watch the movie daddy's home that I put on my tablet.

Of course you can always leave the resort in the evening and do something in town which we will do at some point.

Overall it has been a great day and I'm glad you are following.

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