Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beach and Two Specialty Restaurants

It has been two days since I have written a blog post.  Main reason for not writing is not much exciting has happened.  This whole trip was about relaxing and enjoying the beach and sun.

This is exactly what we have done.

Every day we wake and put on our swimsuits, lather on the sunscreen, grab some beach towels and head to the beach where we either situate ourselves under a palm tree or get an umbrella.

We have lunch at the buffet and then back to the beach.

A few drinks.  And playing in the water.

Back to the room for a shower and usually a short nap.  A day lounging at the beach is tiring.

Dress for dinner and eat, wander around the resort, sometimeso watch the show.  But the shows are the same each week so we have seen them all.

Usually back to the he room by 11, even by 10 and watch some TV or movie from our tablet and then sleep.

The food here is higher quality and selection than the last resort.  The servers also have smaller sections so they are on top of things when it comes to beverages and clearing plates.

We dined the last two nights in the specialty restaurants.  First it was Krystal which is a fusion restaurant.

You can't wear shorts here and everyone looks nice here in their dresses and nice shirts.

The restaurant is not large and not every table is filled.  We are given a glasses of sparkling wine as soon as we enter.

Then when we sit we are offered wine, or beer.

A trio of appetizers comes out and it is just the right size.

For my starter I get a mushroom ragout served over a potato mash and a poached egg.  Very good and filing.

My entrĂ©e is a lobster risotto.  Beautiful dish, but the dish was way too salty and could only manage a few bites.  Actually I have found many items here to be overly salty.  It is a personal taste so others may find it fine.

Dessert was a chocolate cake with a cream sauce poured on it.  It was just okay, rather dry, the sauce helped but not enough.  Left half of it.

Last night we ate at the steakhouse.  If you remember we dined at the steakhouse at the Riu Jallisco and we ended up leaving early.

Tonight we again are offered a drink upon arriving.  Sat at a table for two and service is very good.  There are two servers, two assistants and the hostess helping out.

No waits for drinks or clearing plates.  These meals do feel special here.

Theyou serve a lovely Caesar salad with warm rolls.  Then comes a trio of ceviche of varying spices.  One octopus, one scallops, and one shrimp.

I get the sirloin steak and it is cooked perfectlyrics and very flavourful.  It is served with stacked vegetables, potato wedges and three side sauces.

For dessert a plate comes out with pastries to share.  A fudge brownie, tartlet, a chocolate truffle and a glass of hazelnut liqueur.

We really enjoyed the meal.  I can't get over how different the specialty meals are here compared to the Riu Jallisco.  There it was packed, noisy and service felt rushed and disjointed.

After dinner both nights we tend to wander around hand in hand for a short stroll. The resort isn't large so we can't go very far.  This is where I wish the resort was closer to some action so we could walk there.  Just to get out and stroll, see others and other scenery.

Both nights we are back in the room early.  We watch a movie - The Danish Girl that I put on  my tablet earlier.  We also watch the news from home and YouTube videos. We can also watch some of our favorite TV shows thru our cable providers app and TV on demand.

This has been our saving grace in the evening and thankfully this resort has free wifi so we can do this.

The resort is busier as it is the weekend but even when full it doesn't feel crazy. There are a few families here and it is lovely to see the kids.  Times sure have changed.  My parents never could afford to take us to a place like this.

It is Sunday morning when I am writing this.  We have just come back from breakfast.

One thing that is driving ,experience crazy are these small bugs.  I believe they are called midges or no seums that bite early in the day or at night.  They love me!  I must have 20 bites throughout my body.  I have antihistamines so I have been taking them to help with the itch and swelling, plus it is helping where I got stung by the bee.  Gee this trip is the trio of Vickie being eaten alive.

We are very relaxed and not sure what we will do today.  Not sure if we are back to the beach or not.  Maybe we should head out today and explore.  Stay tuned.

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