Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Disembarkation - Final Thoughts on Ruby Princess Repo

this is from Victoria

When we wake we are already docked.  Not surprised as we left Victoria at midnight and it is not far to Vancouver.  I am sure we crawled here.

We had received walk off 5, and our time was 7:50.  

Originally our plan was to get something to eat in the Horizon Court (we gave up on the dining room).  But when we woke and wandered up there it was packed.  So we just went back to the cabin and got our stuff together to head off.

We were able to easily get an elevator to take us to the Promenade.  The time was only 7:30 so we made our way towards Club Fusion which was the Platinum/Elite Disembarkation Lounge.  

However just as we made our way from the center elevators the Hotel General Manager was right there and said all walk offs could go ashore.  Great!  We turned around and left the ship from the Port side.

What is nice is the ship had cleared customs in Victoria the day earlier so there was no need to clear customs here in Vancouver.  Also since we don't have bags to pick up we sailed (pun intended) right off, down the gangway and thru the terminal.

We had to catch the bus to where our car was parked.  So after a 20 minute wait/ride we were at our car and on our way home.  We were in our home at 9:30.  Nothing better than not having to deal with flights after a cruise.

On our drive home we discussed the voyage.  Both of us shared the same concerns.  

Here are some observations:
  • We loved the price - $200 US for four nights was a steal. Note we booked just a week prior. So no matter how the cruise worked out it was still well worth the price.  
  • Loved the All Inclusive Drink Package.  But we certainly could not handle it for more than a four night cruise. We just felt the need to ensure we got our money's worth.  Also every night we went to bed feeling a little .... how do I put it .... intoxicated.  Not to mention the added calories.  We just don't drink that much normally. But would certainly get the package again for a short voyage where we had on board credit to use.  
  • We have done quite a few repositionings and this is the first time we have faced such a crowded ship.  Yes the weather played a part in it as most wanted to be inside, but we have encountered poor weather before and not see the ship impacted the way this one was.
  • There were quite a few children on this sailing.  It sure was nice to see.  We both thought it was odd that they were taken out of school for four days, but I guess times have changed.  There definately are fewer kids in September when the ships head South - guess parents are more hesitant to take kids out of school at the beginning of the year.
  • The new bedding is amazing for us.  A vast improvement over those sagging beds we encountered at times.  Way to go Princess.
  • Food was just average and rarely wowed us.  Sure some dishes were very good, but many more were less than what we have encountered on previous voyages.
  • For some reason this ship decided the Cafe Caribe is the place to go for desserts (at least during lunch).  So you had to go to Horizon Court to get your main food items, then queue up again in Cafe Caribe for dessert.  Even if you just wanted a cookie you had to go into the entrance and get the cookie then leave from the exit on the other side of the ship.  
  • Often in Horizon Court many dishes were running on empty.  Again this had to do with the mass number of people forced to eat here.  On a "normal" cruise items run out but staff have a second plate ready to go.  This cruise was just so busy it was hard for crew to keep up.
  • We had very good, to great service in all bars. Considering that over 600 All Inclusive Drink Packages were sold online prior to the trip - and I am sure many more were purchased once on board, the bars were well serviced.  Drinks were great too - or at least what I remember of them.
  • Entertainment was lacking this voyage.  Patter seemed to be filled with filler - show being shown on in cabin tv, casino cash out scheduled for midnight, Art Auction Registration, Photo Raffle Draw.... these are items I have rarely seen in the Patter before.
  • Being honoured with being one of the Most Travelled on board and gifted a dinner for two at a Specialty Restaurant was lovely.  But not being able to make a reservation for any night was disappointing.
  • The Crew were outstanding.  They were certainly run off their feet this voyage.  You could see how hard this short voyage was and how demanding it was.  Having a large group of VIP from Corporate didn't help.  
In the end we  both agreed this was not the best cruise with Princess but it wasn't the worst.  It was a lovely getaway.  It was wonderful to surprise Daniel.  It was also a treat to see some other friends on board we haven't seen in a long time. The price was right.  The length was great.  And overall there are many people who would of loved to have been in our shoes and we have to recognize how blessed we are to get to travel still.

Not sure when or where our next voyage will be.  Still a lot of factors are at play.  Canadian Dollar being a major one. Cost of the cruise too.  Who knows - if the price is right again, and we have the time off we may jump on.

Thanks for following.  

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  1. Just can't thank you enough for this blog. When I can't stand the waiting for my next cruise (28 days until I Leave; 30 until I get on boat) I dip into your blog or watch your videos until the itch passes :)