Saturday, May 14, 2016

Flight and Transfers

We took Sunwing Vacations, which is a charter company.  The flight was a direct one, leaving at 9 and arriving at 3:45 -- note there is a two hour time change.

Well I expected the plane to be full, and it was, I expected snug seating and it was, it would definitely be very uncomfortable for someone who is tall or overweight.

I was just so happy to get to sit next to 8 month old Vincent and his parents.  Not having kids means I need my baby fix every so often.  The parents (sorry did not get their names) are travelling for the first time to Mexico and this is baby's first trip. Vincent was excellent during the flight.  Not once did he cry.  Sure he fussed for a bit but after a bit of attention he settled down.

I enjoyed playing and holding Vincent and giving Mom a break.  Just what I needed and it made my flight.

Sunwing did serve sparkling wine, mimosas or juice to start.  I took the mimosa and probably should not have.  They then came around with food.  Our choices were a pastry or egg sandwich.  I chose the pastry and was handed a packet of cookies.... hmm. But they were so yummy that Bernie gave me his.  Bernie got the egg sandwich and took a few bites and left it.  He thought it was grosse.  But I should add he usually dislikes breakfast sandwiches anyhow so it has to be darn good for him to enjoy it.

They did show a movie - Joy - and I watched it and it was okay.

Oh I forgot to add Sunwing allows you one free checked bag.  We each brought one 25" bag that weighed just over 30lbs.  Boy not having to pack evening cruise clothes really makes a difference.  We are gone for two weeks and a couple we checked in with had one overweight bag and they are going for only one week.  But I bet they will look amazing.

Once we arrived in Puerto Vallarta  we walk down to the tarmac and catch the shuttle bus to the airport (only a few feet away).  The heat hits us immediately and we are so happy.

We have our custom forms - yes more than one.  You each need to fill out a form (remember the bottom part) and then there is a different form that is one per household.

When you arrive at the terminal you go thru the customs line and they stamp your passport and rip off bottom form which ends up being your tourist card that you need to give when you leave Mexico so don't loose it.

We get our bags and then join a large queue to go thru the final customs process.  The one where you press the button and pray for green light.  Green means proceed, red means your bags get examined.  It is totally random.  We get green.

Here is the best tip for arriving here.  Once you clear customs you need to walk, put your blinders on, just walk right outside, do not engage anyone that is trying to get your attention.  Ignore offers of taxis, rides, tours etc just walk.  I know you are polite but trust me keep walking.  These people are all time share sellers and not what you need now.

Right outside the door is our representative from Sunwing and they direct us to the many coaches that will take us to our hotel.  Each bus has the hotel name on the windshield so just find yours and get on.

David our Sunwing guide introduces himself and provides necessary information about the resort and the city.  He also will have desk hours at the resort if we have any questions.  Love this...they use to have a presentation the next day with this info. This is much better as we are a captive audience.

David also goes over some tours that are available.  Again great marketing.  David is funny and knowledgeable and makes the ride enjoyable.  I will meet up with him tomorrow  as I do have a few questions.

We arrive at the hotel and we get our envelope and our all inclusive wrist bands are attached  to our wrists.  We have a room on the fifth floor that is a standard room.  It certainly  will meet our needs as a couple for two weeks.

The bed is two twins pushed together, which is fine.  The bed is hard but again I think we will survive.

Large bathroom/closet area.  One thing to take note is the shower is a stall that is open to the open bathroom layout so it is fine if you are with your partner a little awkward if you are with a friend or family.

Liquor dispenser with four types of booze.... I believe tequilla, vodka, gin and rum. The fridge is stocked with lots of water and sodas.  These are replenished often.

Yes the room smeals musty as reviews often commented on but this is the tropics and this is standard.  I did bring a candle for the room.

The balcony  is a good size, about three times the size of a ship's balcony.  Love the drying rack it has.  Very practical.

The view is into the courtyard with palm trees and the fountain.  As I type this I hear all the bird.  Ahhhh

Our darkening drapes don't close entirely, about two feet short.  Will see if someone can come and fix.

For now we are on vacation.  We put on our bathing suits and head to the pool.

Thanks for following.

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