Friday, May 13, 2016

Flying Out to Mexico

After a bit of sleep.  Yeah couldn't get to sleep.  As Bernie slept soundly I could not seem to relax enough to fall asleep.  I actually closed my eyes around midnight.

So that five am alarms was not welcomed.  But we can slowly get ready as there is no commute involved.

We check in for our flights with Sunwing.  No line at all.  Since we are able to check in and drop our bags (note if you are flying to the United States when you check in you have to go thru security and customs right away) we head to the Whitespot restaurant for breakfast.  They have a limited menu but all the necessary items are there.  It is good, filling and reasonably priced.

We head to the security for International flights.  No line at security at all.  We are thru in less than five minutes.

We do check out the duty free but really there is nothing we need and alcohol prices are not that much lower than the liquor store at home (of course no tax).  We may buy something on the way back.

We find a lovely place to sit and relax and drink our coffees.  We get our water bottle filled at one of the many waster stations made for water bottles.

This airport is beautiful.  Still think it is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I think when I get home I will do a blog just about the airport and detailed information travellers, especially cruisers may be interested in.  Transportation to downtown, facilities, wifi, where to buy wine etc.

Would this be of interest to you?


  1. yes, Vickie it would be of interest to me

  2. Yes please. We'll be flying into Vancouver next May.

  3. Yes please. We are flying into Vancouver next May.

  4. Absolutely, flying into Vancouver for the first time in September

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