Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday at the Riu

The day was spent at the beach in the same spot as the other day. What more can we ask for. We spend the day in the water which was actually rather rough today but lot of fun to jump the waves. A lot of people were Boogie boarding and there were quite a few kite surfers in the water.

One of my favorite snacks a bag for 20 peso.  Sort of puffstuff with lime and hot sauce 

Had a wonderful day of relaxation and a little bit too much sun perhaps. Still a few areas that we sometimes miss that are a little red especially areas like straps.

Tonight we have reservations at the steakhouse restaurant for 7 p.m. that is their first seating.

You know how you sometimes encounter that particular group of people and they seem to find you wherever you go whether on a ship or on land. Well we have that group here. There is a large group, it looks like it could be a large family or group of friends with their kids. They are about 30 people and just so happens their room is about 10 rooms away. We seem to hear their children screaming up and down the hall at least a few times a day. We see them around the pool, again the kids are screaming. We see them at the theater, again the kids are screaming. For some reason the parents do nothing. So we try to stay away from them as much as possible.

When we head to dinner we are met by Geraldo who was the host at the Mexican restaurant the other night who was very attentive. He sends us to a lovely table with an amazing view of the sunset. Near us is a large table set up. We both cringe thinking don't tell me that family will be here. Sure enough, and of course 10 minutes after 7 the family arrives 10 minutes past their reservation. Then they want to take pictures with the sunset. The poor waiters know they need to serve these people so that they can sit second seating.  By the time they all take their seats it is 7:25.

The sound level rises because of the group and we both feel like walking out. This is no longer a lovely meal with a romantic setting. But we stay.

Tonight's menu starts with a shrimp cocktail, then 2nd course is served - mozzarella sticks. There are no other options if these are not to your liking. The two course taste okay but nothing special.  Also at this restaurant you are given choices of entree.  Off the top of my head the options are: 2fish items, 2 steak options, chicken, hamburger and maybe something else. I ended up getting the steak.  The steak was good.  Bernie had the snapper and shrimp kebab.  He found it dry and ended up putting my chimichurri  sauce on it. 

We had ordered dessert but both of us are not enjoying this meal and the karge grouo is over powering, so we agree to just leave.

Now that we've had two dinners at the a la carte restaurants we can say we much prefer the buffet. The waiters are busy and it feels rushed. Food is so so, and prefer the items in the buffet.  It is nothing special and service feels chaotic.

So it is only 735 now what.

We are both concerned about how this resort is measuring up.  We decide to walk into Bucerias and get away from the resort for a bit.

Now I remind Bernie we did pick one of the lowest priced resorts.  You get what you pay for.  Sure it is not 5 star, we knew that going in.  Personally I would give it a low 3 star.  But that would be fine with us.  We accept the resort, the food, the room and the staff are great.  What is hard are the people who are staying here.

Even though there are a lot of locals here, it really is the people from the States and Canada that are the problem.  A cheap holiday to come and party.

As we walk into town I compare it to booking a cheap Carnival cruise during May.  You are going to get the party people. The ship will be nice and food good and crew will be great but the passenger make up will be the issue.

So we walk to Bucerias.  There is a road but then it turns into a path, which I would not recommend at night, then at the Royal Decameron (which we stayed at ten years ago) the road starts again.  It takes around 50 to 60 min to walk right into Bucerias.
I have always loved this little town.  Filled with locals the main square is a buzz of people.  

We get some ice cream and sit in the square.  A gentleman beside us who speaks to us (somehow we manage to communicate) welcome us and when he finds out we are from Canada commenrs about the horrible fires we recently had in Fort McMurray.  He said the Mexicans are very sad about this.  We thank him for that. 

Bernie has to get a churro from the street vendor.  Yum, hot a cheap.  

We stroll around the square and town. It always amazes me how all the locals come out and families stroll.  Kids play.  Siblings take care of each other.  Although one change we notice more now are kids and adults are more consumed with their phones now.  Where just a few years ago kids did not have this option and played now they play on their phones just like at home.  Too bad.

It is around ten and we grab a cab back to the resort.  It is 85 pesos and that is much better than walking.

Back at the resort the theater show is still going on.  It runs until 11 but after that it is relatively quiet.  Except of course for the party people hooting and hollering. 

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