Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday Evening - Dinner Celebration

After a short nap we shower and dress and head out.  Have to say I am enjoying the break from dressing up for dinner on this vacation.  It is a nice change.

We head down to the lobby and get a cab (85 pesos) to Bucerias the town just North of here.

See how ornate the lobby is.  Even the check in desk is fancy.

We walk around a bit.  I love this town.  Nothing fancy, you won't find a Senor Frogs here, Hard Rock.  This is more authentic.  People here are hard working locals. Friendly and approachable and eager for your business.

Tonight  we head back to Meson on the Bay.  If you are enjoying in Bucerias head over the foot bridge and the restaurant is on your right.  You have to walk in to it as it is right on the water.  This is the signew you should see at the road, you can't miss it.  We were here a few years ago with friends from the Star Princess.  Read about it here

We get a table right at the water and the sun is coming down - stunning.  Tonight we are celebrating Bernie'slept God Daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday Erin!

I get a cucumber Margarita 

The meal is amazing.  We start with an appetizer and share an entrĂ©e.

We are stuffed, but still have room for after dinner drink.  Bernie gets a Spanish Coffee, I get a Damiana over ice.

We head back to the resort and head to the theater.  Even this theater is better at this hotel, more club like.  We watch the Rock show.  It was cute, nothing fancy but I give the dancers credit better than I could do.

What a perfect night.  So glad we changed hotels.

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