Thursday, May 26, 2016

Second to Last Day

We are slow to get moving today.  After coffee and some breakfast and posting to my blog we hit the beach to our usual spot.

We have not sat around the pool at all for a few reasons.  First chair hogs are not only on ships.  Somehow even first thing there are towels laying over chairs with nothing else.  Second it is just way too hot around the pool.  There are a scattering of umbrellas but not enough and the wind is much stronger by the water which helps keep us cool.  Lastly the pool by mid day does not look good.  A visible film of yuck is noticeable and that is only what we see!

Love our PacSafe portable safe.  It comes in handy at the beach when we go for lunch.  We put items it and lock it up and attach to lounge chair knowing it is safe.

When we come back to the room our room is partially cleaned but the bathroom has not been cleaned.  We have bath towels but no face clothes no extra bar of soap, and counter and floor are dirty.  No towel animal today in fact only part of the old one is laying on it's side.  Looks like they started then someone else came and completed but missed a bunch.

Normally I could accept but our room did not get cleaned at all yesterday.  Around 10 am housekeeping did knock but we said give us ten minutes.  We spent six hours at the beach then and came back to a room not touched at all.  Of course now is not the time to clean it so we just call down for more towels and let it slide.  But today we are annoyed.  We had been tipping everyday too.  So that doesn't work.

We both say we miss the great service we get from cabin stewards on ships who clean our room twice.  But worried that could change.  Have you heard that Carnival Ships you are asked by your steward whether you want your room cleaned in the morning or evening.   Yes only once a day.

We shower and relax in the room.  We watch Michael Moore's latest movie - loved it. You can watch it for free on YouTube.

Originally we had discussed going into Bucerias for dinner but Bernie insists we head back to the Happy Lobster for dinner.

A cab there is 230 pesos and takes about a half hour.  Heavy traffic and a very talkative driver passes the time.

Once at the restaurant Bernie gets a Bernie and I get a mango Margarita.  HUGE.

Bernie gets the catfish again and I order coconut shrimp and garlic shrimp, they agree  to do half and half.  I am stuffed!

It was a great meal and wonderful experience.  Definitely glad we found this place.

We opt to walk back to the main street.  Sun is just setting and I need to walk a bit.

Sidewalks here are more like obstacle courses and with it getting darker we need to pay attention.  Oh Bernie adds the drinks and the effects of them may also be an issue.

We come across a baseball game and decide to sit and watch for about a half hour.

We walk along the main street to the Malecon and the area is busy.  We stop to watch the Papantla or flying bird men.  To learn more Here is a link.

We wander around and agree around 10 that we have had enough.  We get a cab back, but thus ride had me grabbing Benrie's hand.  Crazy driver... felt like I was back in Fort Lauderdale in a taxi.  They are crazy too.

Back at the hotel we walk around to see what is happening.  Not much except the Mexican Folklore show.  So back to the room and we crash shortly thereafter.

Lobby bar

Tomorrow is our last day.  We have mixed emotions.  We are ready to go back, we will miss Mexico.  Don't really want to go back to the day to day grind, but miss our bed.

Thanks for following.

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