Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Second Day - Evening Activities on the Ruby Princess

Pre dinner drinks in Vines where Dana meets up with us. We really enjoyed catching up with her over a great glass of wine.

Tonight is Italian night.  Originally Dana was going to join us for dinner but ten minutes into the dinner she is paged to deal with the large corporate group's issues.  Again that large group is interfering with our voyage.

Daniel and Alla welcome us.  Today we open up a bottle of champagne we received.  That was the start!

For dinner I start with the eggplant Parmigan- a favorite of mine. However, it is overcooked and dry. The top is dark brown and crusty and very dry.  I take only a few bites and push it away.

The salad course is one of my favorites on board.  The spinach with pine nuts, cheese and bacon.  Oh my that is so good.  Should of ordered three of them and that as my meal.

Entree for me was the veal scallopini which was very flavourful but very chewy and tough.

The food tonight is really hit or miss.  Those of you who have followed my blog for years know we are not picky eaters but the food so far this trip is below standards we are use to and certainly below what Princess expects.

The one great thing is the service we receive from Daniel and Alla.

More champagne - more toasts - after dinner drinks - well you get the theme.  All this equals leaving the dining room later than we had planned.

Our goal tonight was to see the new production show -- Magic to Do, but our time with Daniel and Alla went long and the show started at 10 and it is now just after ten.  We peak in the theater but it is packed and I don't want to see only part of the it and don't want to disturb others by getting to available seats.  So we will have to try and see it on a different voyage. 

We stroll down the Promenade deck and head to Club Fusion where the band Nexus is playing.  This is one of the best party bands on Princess in our opinion.  We dance in Club Fusion until the band breaks at around 10;45.

Both of us still want to dance so we head up to Skywalkers!  A rare spot for us but we are in the mood for more.

Skywalkers is hopping.  I can't remember the last time the ship was this busy.  Guess the demographics warrant a good party/disco atmosphere up here.

I finally confirmed that Jan Schwartz (President of Princess) is on board.  I thought I had seen her but wasn't sure.  But it has now been confirmed.

After an hour of dancing we head back to the cabin all hot and sweaty and tired.  What a great night!

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