Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wine Maker's Dinner

We decided we wanted to do the Wine Maker's Dinner ($40 including wine) this voyage.  We really would of liked the Tuscan Dinner in Sabatinis but they are not offering it this trip. Since Victor is the one hosting the Wine Maker's Dinner we sign up.

First I should say that they are doing the Mardi Gras Celebration in the Atrium and they are decorating the Atrium and there was mask making earlier and dance class and their performance will happen tonight.

As I sit in the Atrium later afternoon the beautiful Quartet is playing Nora Jones' Come Away with me as a couple heads to the beautiful marble inlaid dance floor. Arm in arm they glide like pros. Another couple slow dances and he bows his head and kisses his wife's head. Beautiful.

This is why I cruise. It is times like this that we need as a couple. Time to reconnect with no distractions just the two of you!  Ah......

A few minutes later a couple sits behind me sipping their coffees. They start to bicker about their disembarkation plans..... Ah.... maybe no Nora Jones song or slow dance can solve all problems.

We meet at the designated time on deck 6 for the Wine Maker's Dinner. We are greeted by Victor who leads us into the dining room to the beautiful table surrounded by wine bottles.

We are given the regular Wine Maker's Dinner menu. There are only six of us. Originally it was to be ten but four dropped out.

The meal is outstanding and we know to pace ourselves.

We are a bit disappointed in that there was no real description of the wines like we are use to. Other times we have done the dinner they go into great detail about the wines, the history. Then we taste the wine, discuss the wine, then try the food, then the wine again and compare. Not this time, just a brief description (like our waiter would of given) and drink!

But for us it was no big deal but for the others who have not done this meal before it would of been nice.

The company was lovely too. We really had a great dinner and enjoyed getting to know the other two couples.

Service was superb. Probably the best we have ever had.

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