Sunday, November 13, 2016

Costa Maya, Mexico

Today we dock early in Costa Maya - 7 am! When Bernie returns with coffees we sit on the balcony and enjoy the arrival.

Sadly it is pouring rain but I believe it will pass. The usual Caribbean shower I say. But we hear people complaining how they can't cancel their excursion because of the rain. Really! I don't think Princess has control over the weather. Plus it will pass and a little rain will hurt no one.

We head ashore with Larry and Amy. We haven't been to Costa Maya in a very very long time. Way before they were hit with the hurricane in 2007 that destroyed the port.

The whole port area is huge and is similar to many of the port destination beach areas - similar to Grand Turk, Mahogany Bay, and even Amber Cove (from what I hear). 

We are docked with a Carnival ship and this port really can't handle two ships in my opinion. 

Our first goal is to leave the port area and head to the town of Mahahual. 

Note most of these pictures were taken when we got off way before the second ship docked and before it got crazy busy.

Took us some time to exit the port area. Note I saw lots of washrooms, shops, bars, restaurants, tour companies. You could easily spend your entire time here but it will be busy. Oh they also had some lockers for rent too.

But we are wanting to head out to the town. Just before you leave the port area there is a table set up (see above pic) where they sell shuttle tickets to the town of Mahahual for $3 US per person one way. The shuttle is similar to those you see in St. Thomas - open bench seating in the back of a truck.

However if you leave the port building compound - just outside is a taxi stand (they are not allowed to pick up people in the compound but can drop you off inside). The taxis to town are $10 US total - as we took at a taxi back. Note the shuttle only operates going to town, not sure why but that is the way it is. Taxis to come back were plentiful and fast and cheap.

We walked along the street to the furthest beach bar/restaurant and checked it out. We could enjoy the lounge chairs and beach as long as we ate/drink at the restaurant. No problem. 

We secure four chairs under some palapas as it looks like it could rain again. Order some drinks and enjoy the scenery.

This place also had an all inclusive package but I can't recall how much it was and really there are so many places along the beach that offer this type of thing I would not personally pre reserve. Just show up and check things out and then choose.

After a few hours here and dodging rain showers we attempted to grab some food in the restaurant area. But because of the rain it was packed so we opted to just leave and walk the boardwalk.

It is very nice, busy and people will try and get your business - massage! Beer! Drinks! Food! Beach! Trinkets! you name it.

We all agree to just head back to the ship and walk off the boardwalk to the street and easily grab a taxi back (again only $10).

Tonight is the Most Travelled Cocktail Party. This voyage it is a cocktail party as opposed to a luncheon. Just not enough days in the cruise to squeeze it in. 

We really enjoy the cocktail party as the officers get the chance to mingle with everyone and we can order whatever we want from the bar. Not to mention the food is amazing. 

This time there were food stations (we had only seen them walking around with food at other cocktail parties). This is amazing. There is a cold station with sushi, and other cold items. Then a hot station. Then a dessert station. Very impressive.

We arrived and posed with Captain Street and again with Leanne, his wife. She saved us a seat and Gail (Ron's wife), Kelly (Deputy Cruise Director), Dylan (Senior Doctor) joined us. 

It was great to relax in this casual atmosphere and get to know everyone even better.

There was so much food that we did not need to go to dinner.

In fact right after the cocktail party I tell Bernie that I could really use some hot water and take a Neo Citron and hit the hay to try and get over this cold. So that is what we do. We are asleep by 2130. But it was a fun day.

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