Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Second Evening in Florence

At around 8:30 we head out again after resting after a full day.

Neither of us is very hungry.  Not sure where to go and how much we want to eat we decide to walk and see what happens.

We head back over the Arno river where we were today with our guide.  Things over here are much quieter and more locals.  We both comment that next time we visit Florence this would be a good location to stay in.

As we are strolling we stop at a local bar which reminds us a bit of the a local pub you would find in the UK.  Also similar to the wine bars we experienced in Venice last year.

It is a small place, the owner tends the bar. The place isn't busy but a few tables are occupied with locals who are enjoying a drink and conversation.

We order the house wine and charcuterie plate made up of cheese, meat and bread.  It hits the spot.

For dessert we get the Florence biscuit and the Santo Spirito Liqueur that they are known for.  You dip the biscuit in the liqueur, let the hard biscuit soak up the liquid then eat.  Strong but so good!  

The whole meal was 16 E!

We start strolling - yes that was what I have to call it.  We walked hand in hand down the streets of Florence in the cool night air and experienced the ambiance. Really it was like a movie!

Bernie suggest gelato for dessert.  Who am I to argue.  A large place right near the bridge looks good and we both indulge in some gelato which seems to taste even better in Italy.

It is a bit cooler tonight.  Since we arrived in Italy it has been hot during the day and lovely at night.  Tonight the wind has kicked up and a jacket is require and I even bring a scarf to wrap over my shoulders.  Perfect Fall weather.

As we stroll back to the apartment we watch the crowds gathering in restaurants, bars and on the street. The ambiance is perfect and we are both very happy. Thankfully we have one more full day here.

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