Sunday, November 13, 2016

Disembarking the Royal Princess

Well darn! We have to get off. 

So many people say to me how can you handle such a long time on the ship. Well I don't know I just do. It is easy. But whenever I have to get off I am prepared to get off and ready to go home. But I could easily stay on too.

We wake to the alarm clock - what I swear I just fell asleep. Didn't sleep well. I actually woke up from a dream at one point thinking I had packed all my clothes and had nothing to wear ashore. I then had to get up and check to ensure I did in fact leave clothes out. How many of you have done that?

We quickly shower and get ready and then head to Horizon Court for a quick breakfast. It is still early and not too crazy. 

Back in the cabin just after 7 am to collect our carry on bag and knapsack and then we head down to deck five to get a coffee for us and one for Barbara the Captain Circle host who is manning the Platinum Elite disembarkation lounge.

Thankfully we see Yami so we are able to say good bye to her too. Was nice to get to know Yami better this trip. Hugs!

We arrive in the disembarkation lounge which is Concerto Dining room. Not many people here (again the demographics) and we take a seat. We don't wait long, by 7:30 we are called (meeting time was 7:20 - note that is a meeting time not a disembarkation time and is just an outline). 

Just when we were leaving we see Ursula. We met Ursula last May on the Ruby. She is a passenger from Florida who also loves Daniel one of our favorite Waiters. Big hugs to Ursula and can't believe she has been on and we hadn't seen her.  

We quickly are off the ship, find our bags and then head to the customs line. We take advantage of the Global Entry line (we have Nexus) and we are thru Customs right away.

Dock side we get in a cab and we are on the way to the airport! We arrive at the airport at 8 am! Wow that was quick, quicker than I anticipated. In fact we are too early we can't even check our bags. 

No big deal we head to the next terminal that has a Starbucks at Arrivals Level and we relax and sip our coffees and watch some Youtube Videos - want to catch up on the SNL sketches.

All our flights worked out and we were home in Vancouver by 1930 (Pacific Time). Soon after we were in our car on our way home.

Vacation over - but memories to last a life time. 

Thanks for following.

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