Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Travelling to the Port of Civitavecchia


We are up bright and early to catch the train at 8 am. Even on a Saturday the train station is busy.

We check the main board to see what platform the train arrives on.  Note it is usually only posted a few minutes before arrival.  Once it is posted we are able to proceed to the platform.

Today we are taking the high speed train to Rome from Florence.  Just 1.5 hours to get there, boy it goes fast! Bring gum because your ears will pop.

Arrive in Rome and we have only 15 minutes until our next train departs, but that is sufficient time as we only have to change platforms.

Again we find our platform and make our way there.  This train is a regular train but it is express (doesn't stop at all the stops like the local train.  But it does stop at the Vatican City stop.

When we get on the train it is busy.  Lots of cruisers.  Lots of bags but we are all happy and friendly and helpful.  We all manage to store our bags easily and enjoy the short ride (just under an hour) and for a very low price.

If you are interested in learning more about taking the train to the port read my blog from last year that explains the whole process. 

Now if you are wanting to take the train you must be able to handle your own bags.  You do have to carry them off the train, and down a flight of stairs, the up a flight of stairs to get to the station.  For some this is not a problem for others they would never even consider it.  For us we can easily manage  our bags (each big one weighs 40lbs and that is a bit of a struggle).

Once we exit the station there are taxis, shuttles and buses that get you easily to the port.  

The day is lovely and we decide to just walk as the shuttle is not there and there is a queue for taxis.  One person said the shuttle doesn't start for another hour - but I doubt that is true.  If people are willing to pay that shuttle will probably operate.

We walk very easily along the sidewalk.  I recommend you stay on the sidewalk right from the station.  Don't cross the street and walk along the water as you just have to cross back over.  Exit the station and turn right and walk on that same side following the beach.  Follow it until you get near the fort then you head along a main street still parallel to the water.  

Very easy walk, relatively flat half hour walk but not practical if you have lots of bags or have mobility issues.

Once at the entrance to the port there are lines for shuttles to the ship.  There a few ships in port so make sure you get in the right line.  Here they take your bags and place them in the cargo hold of the buses.  It is then a short ride to the ship.

Check in was busier than last year.  A lot of people arrived at the pier early like we did (around noon).   There is no preferred check in or at least not at this time.  Really don't think it would of been a preferred line anyhow as many seasoned cruisers on this voyage and the age of the passengers is much higher at check in.  

In all the check in process took around a half hour from drop off to walking on the ship.

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