Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Disneyland Booked

So as you have read so far we are booked on a flight from Lima to Los Angeles.  Our plan was to have this great adventure but we also need some rest and relaxation.  So we started to look at cruises we could do from Los Angeles.   
But all the cruises only left on the Saturday and well I will admit it, I really wanted to go back to Disneyland.

It may have something to do with Disneyland offering Canadians a discount when they buy a 3 day or longer pass because of our exchange rate. Then it seemed every hour there was a Disneyland commercial on the tv.  Hmm are they telling me something?

We were able to scoop up some passes from airmiles.ca at the discountated rate. Note we knew others were experiencing a lot of problems trying to redeem their points. Although we never have had an issue we weren't about to wait and find out.  We have used airmiles for a lot of things in the past but a few years ago we switched credit cards to one that provided better perks as well as better rewards so we were not really accumulating that many points with airmiles. So what better way to use them.

Once ordered it only took about five days for them to deliver to us the pass.

I started to research hotels in the Anaheim area.  Last time here we stayed at the Red Lion a block from the park. We really liked this place and would of easily have gone back but we realized the cost of that convenience meant we may have to look at a bit further away.

We searched most of the big sites for the going rates. I then went to Hotwire.com and selected the location and the star level (make sure to research what hotels are in that area and the star level first) and accepted the price.  

We were surprised to see we got the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort.  Great hotel but not on the main drag. It is still only a half hour walk to the park but off the beaten path. But after more research I see that the ART (Anaheim Rapid Transit) stops right there and can take us to almost anywhere we need to go and their daily pass is quite affordable.   

Another great perk here is they offer free parking. Even though we are not sure if we will rent a car, it is still an option.

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