Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cozumel Mexico

We dock at 8 am. But when Bernie heads down to get coffees he comes back and informs me people are queuing up at the stairways at 745. 

I wish I could say this may be because of so many new cruisers on board not knowing the procedures and that arrival does not mean disembarkation. The ship needs time to tie up. Put out gangway, clear the ship with authorities. Normally this does not take long but expect at least 15 minutes to a half hour. An announcement will be made when people are able to go ashore and where the gangways are.

Today the weather is totally different than yesterday. It is hot and sunny.

Bernie is having some issues with his eye - seems like a stye. The bright light is especially difficult. He is wearing sunglasses inside.

I tell him "I am calling it" we are relaxing on board today - or at least you are. He feels bad. I tell him his comfort is more important. We have been here before and we will be back and a day on board will be great too.

I do head off for a short while just to look around. 

Princess docks at the Puerta Maya Pier which is the furthest one from the town. The pier is for Carnival Corp ships. It is about two miles from downtown and taxi rates are posted.

The same Carnival Ship is in port with us today too.

There are a lot of shops here. All the same shops and items you will find downtown are here too. 

Pancho's Backyard is a great restaurant and the margaritas are amazing. Since I am ashore by myself I just wander around the pier area and have a drink. 

I do highly recommend that you venture out and see the island. It is really beautiful here and the beaches are stunning. I know we will be back some day and I really look forward to it.

One thing I hate about so many of these Caribbean ports is everyone has to funnel through the duty free shop to get off and pack on the ship.

The port duty free we have to funnel thru is the white one here patience is needed

Especially this pier where the store is very narrow (it is actually on the pier). We are docked with the Carnival Breeze. So just imagine two large ship's passengers trying to make their way thru two narrow aisles in this shop that seems to go on forever. It is so frustrating!

I have lunch up in the Horizon Court when I get back on and take my food to the Outrigger Bar where I sit and look out at the Carnival Breeze docked beside us. 

The ship looks like a fun ship, but probably not for us. I don't need or want water slides, rope course etc. But if I had a family it would be a good choice to sail on.

Tonight is smart casual and also 50's and 60's night.

There is a variety showtime with Magician Farrell Dillon and comedian Carl Strong. Also happening are: Passenger Feud, Marriage Match Game, Majority Rules all in the Princess Live.

Tonight we are dining with Dylan in Sabatinis. Dylan and Ben are heading to Peru in January and we are seriously thinking of joining them if we can afford it. So we get time to catch up with him and discuss Peru.

In Sabatinis we are offered a special entree tonight -- veal scallopini which I ordered and loved! Everything was great! Especially the service. Again Royal Princess does specialty dining right.

After dinner Bernie heads back to the cabin as all he wants to do is crash. I wander around.

I check out the new Effy Store on board. They had a huge opening last night but we missed it, plus we try and stay away from the crowds.

The store looks great. I even got to try on a ring! OMG I am nervous just trying it on $25,000 hmmm what do you think?

I wander some more checking out things and after an hour I am back in the cabin. Bernie is asleep so I slowly tuck myself into bed and let the seas rock me to sleep.

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