Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last Day of the Cruise

Clocks were moved forward last night. This feels weird as for the entire crossing we kept gaining an hour, then we got another hour when we sailed towards Mexico. But we are now on our way back to Florida and we lost an hour. Reality is setting in.

We have our disembarkation information. There was no offer of Easy Check. I am sure it is because it is only a five night cruise which just is not enough time to offer it.

We are assigned Cream 1 for a 720 meeting time and disembarkation shortly after. Most people on board have walk off as most don't have much in the way of luggage for this short voyage.

Bernie has gone down to the Enclave. I did go down the first sea day but I am frustrated there as so many people reserve the heated lounge chairs or leave their towels there when they are done. Really people be respectful!

I will put this in my final survey how I think they should somehow address this problem. It certainly has deterred me from booking the Enclave in the future. 

Today's Patter shows the Most Travelled who have 1396 days with Princess. This voyage we were #11 and #12 Most Travelled - slowly moving up.

Lots happening this final sea day:  Culinary demo, Mardi Gras festivities, line dancing, wine tasting, Bingo, Pub Lunch, Trivia, Cha Cha class, art auction, on deck for the cure, and so much more. 

Something tells me it will be a relaxing day. 

I know it sounds boring to read but there is  nothing better than having no distractions from home. Reading, writing and watching a movie or chatting with friends. 

Life is good!

In the evening (after doing most of the packing) we make the rounds to say goodbye. 

We stop by Facets to say goodbye to Ju Juaq and Valeria.

We enjoy some wine in Vines to say goodbye to Larry and Amy and then we head up to Horizon Court for a quick meal.

We arrange to meet up with Sanja and Marty in Vines later for a last drink. This is hard. We love them both so much and hate to say goodbye. We don't know when we will see them again; hopefully at their wedding but we just don't know.

I feel so sad and I am holding back the tears. This is just too hard.

When we get back to the cabin we pack up our final clothes and put the bags out.

Tomorrow will be a busy day and long flight home. It has been an amazing trip.

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