Saturday, November 12, 2016

Second to Last Sea Day - Crossing the Atlantic

As we wake and get ready the weather is not cooperating. It is overcast, raining and does not look like it will clear.  The weather this year is not as great as last year's crossing. And last year was three weeks later.

While getting breakfast in Horizon Court it is crowded and people are grumpy. A bit of cabin fever I guess. Not to mention the thought of the trip ending has people down.

We attend the Wake Show filming. So fun to see Leanne (Captain Street's wife) being interviewed.

Because of the weather we are forced inside. Most public spaces are crowded and noisy. But I manage to find a quite spot in Vines.

I relax and read, write and chat with other passengers. But what I really need is a quiet afternoon in the cabin. And that is where we go. Nap, a movie and relaxation! Perfect!

We have not attended the Elite Lounge often so we meet up there. It is formal night and lots is happening. We sit with Norma and Allen a lovely couple we met and continue to seek out.

At the Captain's Welcome Aboard speech we run into Ana (Cruise Staff) who is now off for a few hours so we all head to dinner in the dining room. 

It was a wonderful meal. Tonight is lobster night! 

After dinner we are sitting in Vines when we think "hey we heard great things about the performer tonight, lets go". So we head to the Princess Theater and get a seat in the second row.

Tony Tillman - Who was Princess Entertainer of the Year, does not disappoint. He even came to me and sang to me and pulled me up to dance. We loved the show. Tons of energy you just couldn't stay still.

After the show we head out to the Atrium for the balloon drop. We dance and dance some more.  Logged a bunch of steps today!

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