Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sea Day - Crown Grill - Heading to Mexico

This is the first sea day on our way to Costa Maya. The weather is perfect! Iam slow to get moving (so what is new). I officially have the cold that everyone seems to be getting. But hey it could be worse - I could be suffering a cold at home and at work! So I take cold meds (thank you Bernie for always being prepared).

Bernie heads up to the Horizon Court and brings me back some mixed fruit and yoghurt.

I have message Tracie (who is doing a live thread and who I have sailed with just over a year ago). We arrange to meet for lunch.

It is so nice to see Tracie again and even better to have another cruise addict to talk to. 

We have a lovely lunch and then sit and enjoy a coffee together. She was the coordinator of the meet and greet with Cruisecritic and originally I wasn't going to go but since Tracie is going by herself and I would be going by myself I agree to join her.  And I am glad I did, it was nice to meet other cruisers. But it is a small gathering and short, but I did meet some nice people. Thanks Tracie for coordinating.

This afternoon a nap is required (I can blame it on the cold but really this afternoon nap is a usual occurrence at sea).

Yesterday evening when we were getting ready I clearly smelled cigarette smoke. I did look out to see who was smoking on their balconies but could not locate it.  This morning we again smelled it and after looking again we saw that the people below us and one over were the culprits. 

Bernie heads down to ensure we have the correct cabin number (they are blue carders). Since this is their first cruise on Princess they may not be aware of the smoking policy. Even though it is laid out in your cruise documents and stated over the PA during Muster Drill. 

Once he knows the cabin number he heads down to the Purser's desk to report and show the picture I was able to take from our balcony.  Clearly they are smoking on it. They promised to send security. And about an hour later I guess they were informed as they came out and cleaned their balcony of the ashtray and packs of cigarettes.

Tonight is formal night and a lot of people are dressed up. I would guess just over half the ship. But the demographics of this cruise are very different from the crossing. For the crossing it was older and more seasoned cruiser and very few kids. This sailing it is much younger and a lot of new cruisers and a lot more kids/families. Both are great but different.

For formal night many are very fancy, some are formal and some are not formal at all. It is key to do what is right for you. But if you dine in the dining room make sure you are adhering to the dress code.

Tonight we are dining with Larry and Amy in the Crown Grill. We specifically requested either Ramon or Ricardo as our server. We are sat in a lovely booth in Ramon's section. 

Service again is top notch. Again the ship understands that the specialty restaurants are special and ensure they have enough staff to accommodate our needs. 

Assistant waiters are in place to ensure all our beverages are topped up, plates are cleared and everything else is taken care of. 

Food was outstanding - I had my usual - spinach salad, onion soup and filet mignon.

Production show tonight is Sweet Soul Music but we missed both shows as we were at the Crown Grill. Tonight being with great friends is more important.

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