Saturday, November 12, 2016

More Sea Days as we Cross the Atlantic

Today I heard the funniest thing at breakfast.  It is day 3 of 6 sea days of the crossing.  I heard a man complain "too many sea days - he should go faster".  I smile and think to myself "did you not know it was six days? Do you really expect the Captain to put the pedal (or joy stick) to the metal and boot it across... oh people would be sick then."

I am really enjoying the buffet themes.  We have had Korean Pho, German, Asian, Indian, Brazilian and still lots of other options if you are not into the theme.

Also great movies are being shown - in fact there are so many great movies I know I will get off and still have wished I could of watched others.

There are so many Platinum and Elites that there are FIVE parties - yup!  They will do the parties over two nights with three one night and two another night.  

There is so much to do that I can't do most of it. But really if you are bored it is because you are too picky.

There are still quite a few contractors on board. They are tying up loose ends. We see them working hard all over the ship.  The work is not invasive and does not intrude in any of the public areas that I have noticed.

The mid ship stairs have officially opened. They opened a few days ago but just getting around to mentioning it. No ceremony, no ribbon cutting just an announcement.  With all the hoopla that so many people made about the fact this ship had no mid ship staircase for public use you would think that they would be in high use. Nope! I use them as much as I can, in fact the night they opened I made a point of climbing them from five to 16 just because I could.

They are lovely and I am glad they are there.

Today is the Most Travelled Luncheon at noon in Sabatinis. It always surprises me how many people we recognize. Cruising truly is a small world.

As we enter we are greeted by Barbara the Captain Circle Host. Then we pose for a picture with Captain Street and we insist that Leanne (his wife) join us. It has been nice getting to know her this voyage.

Today we are sat with four other people at the Hotel General Manager's Table - Michael Prasse. There is a single man from Colorado, a couple from Georgia and a single woman from Florida. 

This woman did not shut up (oh that is not very Canadian of me) but she just did not stop talking. She kept interrupting others. She complained a lot too. Now you may have issues that you may need resolving but this is day 10 of the cruise and it is the Most Travelled Luncheon and not the place to complain about your cabin steward or the food.

But it was a great lunch and we did enjoy getting to know the other people at our table. We purposely asked question directly to other people at the table when this woman was talking so we could change the subject and involve others. She eventually go the hint.

What really shocked me is after a few minutes at the table the woman in question looked at us and said "now how did you two end up at this table". Really! I bit my tongue (see more Canadian of me) and said "just like you did". 

But truly it was a lovely lunch. We love sitting with Michael and he is such a gracious host. He is so good with people, he somehow can turn someone who is complaining into someone who is happy.

The menu was 

Chilled Blue Crab Margarita (Avocado and Mango infused with Tequila, Lime topped with Micro Leaf Salad, Crisp Lotus Chip)


Turkish Orange and Grapefruit Carpaccio Salad (Mascarpone Flavored with Honey and Chopped Pistachio Nuts, Drizzled with Clove Syrup)


Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna "Nicoise Style" (Warm Grilled Salad of Tomatoes, Green Beans, Olives, Red Onions, Fennel and Egg, Dressed with Lemon and Segesta Olive Oil Emulsion, Aged Balsamic)


Herb and Pepper Crusted Beef Fillet (Truffle and Morel Ragout Garlic Potato Gratin with Baby Vegetable, Melange Infused with Burgundy and Madeira Jus)


Caramelized Red Onion and Goat Cheese Tart (Dressed Mesculan Salad with Yellow Pepper Salsa


Trio of Chocolate (Chocolate Mousse, Brownie Parfait, and Chocolate Caramel Shortbread)

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