Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sea Days!

We have a few sea days now as we sail towards the Azores and Ponta Delgada.  You know you all need a sea day when entire ship is still dead at 8 am. 

Michael is on the cover of the Patter!

Tonight is Formal Night and the Captain's Welcome aboard. Weather forecast states rain with a high of 18.

Lots happening today:  zumba, trivia, enrichment lecture by Thomas Kimmel, MUTS is showing Cinderella, cooking demo, book club, digital photo seminar, jazz dance class, bing, Movie Me Before You in Princess Theater, line dance and Spanish Class.

They are offering the Ultimate Ship's Tour for $150.

Our day goes a bit like this:

Breakfast in dining room where we decide to sit with others and then wish we would not have. It was a huge table and it took over an hour to serve us. Didn't help that one person was missing and we had to wait 15 min for them to arrive.

Check out this HUGE moth that was resting on a light at the aft deck
Dining room was packed and of course everyone shows up in the last half hour.  Poor crew were run off their feet and there just was not enough crew to manage the crowd.

I attended Ana's Spanish Class which was very enjoyable and plan to continue.

I sat at the aft of the ship at the Outrigger Bar on one of the couches and just watched the wake and read.

Enjoyed watching Gary and Michele teach the Merengue Class - Gary was hilarious.

Tonight's Formal Night was very busy early on but once the champagne waterfall was finished and the Captain made his announcement it died right down.

Clocks go back for the first time tonight. We will have six hours to gain on this crossing. Such a civilized way to get use to the time change if I do say so.

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