Saturday, November 5, 2016

Third Sea Day - Crown Grill Here We Come

I am just too lazy to get up early and head out for breakfast.  Bernie does bring me a latte so it is safe for me to venture out and talk to people as I have had my caffeine.

But when I do get up and moving we wander around and sit outside Princess Live for a bit.  Ron Goodman the Cruise Director stops by and sits with us and we catch up. After sailing with him a few times it is great to get to know him better this voyage. He certainly has a great team.

He fills me in on the reason there are so few big production shows. Apparently one of the lead singers (there are four - two males and two females) became very ill and was taken off the first day to head to Rome for medical treatment. There are no understudies for the main singers. They tried to get someone to join the ship before the crossing but it just couldn't find someone. They are working hard to put something together for the passengers. 

There is the big On Board Outlet Sale going on - but I pass on even entering.

We meet up with Ana from the Cruise staff for lunch in Alfredos. It is busy today (as it is a sea day) but the meal is excellent and the company even better.  

Like I mentioned yesterday there are still a lot of external workers on board. It is beginning to be a bit annoying. You can certainly tell they are not Princess employees.  

While in the cabin this morning someone banged at the door. Since I was alone in the cabin I looked thru the peep hole and wasn't sure who it was as they are not wearing uniforms and if they have some kind of ID I certainly did not see it. I ask thru the door "what do you want" and he is seeing if our tv is working. I open the door to him reluctantly and I tell him yes it is working now.  He closes the door and bangs on the cabin next to us.  

Tonight dinner is in the Crown Grill at 8 pm.  We relax at the Wheelhouse Bar for a drink prior to dinner where Sanja and Marty join us. 

We are sat in Pedro's section at a nice table for four.

This was a special dish of Halibut

I had my usual - Beet and Goat Cheese salad, Black and Blue Onion Soup, and then the Filet Mignon! 

Service was excellent. Again this ship has figured it out. The specialty restaurants are well staffed with assistants to clear plates, fill wine/water glass, get condiments and clean tables. I wish all ships did this.

After dinner we sit at the Wheelhouse Bar where we enjoy the Prestige Quartet Players who are amazing!

It was a wonderful day and amazing evening.


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