Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Crossing - Six Sea Days - First Post

I am not sure how many posts this will take up but I am pretty sure it won't be six posts for six days. The days will blend I am sure. So I will only write when I think there is something worth writing. But stay tuned!

One thing I can comment is the ship feels busy the first few days as the weather is not really conducive to being outside and the demographics (seasoned cruisers and older) of this voyage also means they (like us) enjoy the ship. This forces everyone in. Lounges, bars and International Cafe are busy all day with people relaxing in comfortable seats reading, writing, using tablets to pass the time. If you move from your seat there is someone usually right behind you to claim it if it is a prime spot.

The evenings are filled with activities but I have found that around 8 pm it is quiet. People are either at dinner or at a show. The 8:15 show is still the busiest. By 10 pm the ship is very quiet.

For the first day at sea the weather is overcast with showers. But by 11 am the sun is out an it is warm. A light sweater (not needed if in direct sun) is needed on deck.

Bernie went to his first trivia of the voyage. He reported how serious everyone is. But Ana (cruise staff) kept it light hearted. You can tell she has experience in how to handle these tough crowds.

So much is happening on board this first sea day. But all I want is some fresh air and to read.

I did do the Sudoku challenge which was hosted by Gary from South Africa. Have to say he is such a sweet man. I love how he makes everyone feel so very special. He acknowledges everyone who comes by and this trait is a real asset to Princess. He makes everyone feel special and important.

Other events are: zumba, church, Alice Through the Looking Glass on Muts, Arts and Crafts - Paper Flowers, Bingo, Jazz Dance Class, Slot Tournament, Movie The Dark Horse in the Princess Theater, Line Dance Class, Croquet Competition, Pool Games, Spanish Class, Steel Pan Class and more.

Today's buffet theme in the Horizon Court is Asian Theme so we go there for lunch. I am impressed the head waiter came around asking everyone how everything is.

The sun has really come out and lots of suntanners are out around the pool. The pool deck is busy.

I attend Ana's Spanish Class which starts with a test. But I did quite well. Now if only I could get the woman beside me to stop complaining about everything just to make conversation. I did respond "oh I am sorry you are not enjoying the class" that did stop her for a bit. 

It is our second Formal tonight. Bernie wants to watch Star Trek Beyond up at Muts tonight so I say lets skip formal and have a casual night. He attends the movie and I watch a movie in the cabin - Letters to Eleanor.  Dinner was the buffet because I want to respect the dress code in the dining room.

We also gained another hour tonight. Love sailing in this direction.

Seas are a little rougher tonight. The Captain did warn us. The Hurricane Matthew that affected the East Coast of North America is North of us and we have no worries from that but we are experiencing more swells from it.

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