Saturday, November 5, 2016

Toulon, France

After a late night of dancing I wish we could of slept in more but sadly we are awake at 7 am.  We both comment that that overhead flashing light is still not fixed!  With all the lights off it is annoying. Everyone keeps telling us it is fixed but it is still happening. We need to address this problem today.

I should add that yesterday someone came by (I am assuming he was an electrician) and looked at the problem and said oh that is suppose to be like that.  I don't think so I replied - unless a light show in the middle of the night is normal. He then says it is a router.  Again I respond I don't think so as I doubt they would have routers in the cabin and even one in the washroom.  (I know Princess is trying to improve wifi but really the washroom.)  

Obviously this man is not aware of even what this is let alone what is wrong. Plus with the lights on in the cabin it is difficult to really see the blue light being emitted. But when it is all dark it is like - pitch black - then FLASH FLASH FLASH. It is like being at sea and staring at a lighthouse.  

Bernie commented to me he is waiting for the dance to start when the light flashes. We will have to discuss the problem with the Front Desk again.

The Horizon Court is again our spot for breakfast. 

We are heading ashore today but we are keeping it light. 

Remember we don't actually dock in Toulon.  We dock in another town called La Seyne-Sur-Mer. I have heard great things about this town so today we are going to explore it more. 

The ship is offering water shuttles right at the pier to downtown Toulon.  The cost is $20 US per person, note last year on the Island it was only $10 US per person - it has doubled!  But you can easily take the local water bus for 2E each. If you want to read more about heading into Toulon by local water bus click here. There is a local bus too.

We walk to the downtown of Seyne Sur Mer which in itself is lovely. The walk takes about 15 minutes and all you have to do is exit the port and turn right and walk along the water. 

this is the path

Today is Monday and many of the shops closed. Here the shops are closed Sunday and Monday. Very civilized if you ask me. But many restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops are open.

We stop at a small restaurant that many of the local school kids are at and get a cappuchino and I a croissants (of course we are in France). 

We walk all over the place, and after about three hours we make our way back.  Bernie comments he is sad cause he didn't get a pastry from France. I say if we pass a place on the way back that is a sign that we are meant to eat one. Well guess what!

I really like this town and I am sure if the shops were open there would be a lot to see and do. 

There is a casino here too that is not far from the port.

The town also has a Fort called Fort Balaguier that was built in 1634 that you can visit for 3E but it is closed today. They also have lovely beaches (Sablettes village) with some lovely shops. 

In town there a few things to see - Shipyard Gate and bridge, Church of Notre Dame du Bon Voyage, a Lovely market that is run everyday (except Mondays), Bourradet historical houses. 

There is a very good tourist information booth right at the pier with maps and details on what to see.

this is the little train

There are other options for getting around too. There is a train (5E) that takes you to Toulon. You can rent bikes. There are taxis too.

Back on board we head to the Enclave (cost is $245 for one person, $399 for a couple for the 14 days). Yes we have the Enclave package. This is so good for my shoulders. So relaxed that when I get back to the cabin we crashed for two hours, but I think we needed it. 

Dinner tonight is with our friends Michael, Leanne, Craig, Ron, Kelly, Dylan and Ben. Where we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Many of us wear our Canadian items in honour of the day. It was a great time.

We head to the Vista Lounge afterwards to see Kory Simons' show which we have seen many times but love it like it is the first time we have seen it. 

Also happening are:  Production Show Spectacular at 8:15 and 10:15; Muts is showing Star Wars; Who's the Cuckoo Game Show; Passenger Feud and Karaoke 

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