Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Florence at Night - First Night

After resting we wake and freshen up.  This means Bernie has a shower and rejuvenates whereas I have a glass of wine.  Hey I am in Italy after all.

Around 8 pm we head out for dinner.  The first place that was recommended to us is very very busy.  Of course it is! It is a Rick Steve recommendation and the line is long and it is a small place and it is very noisy. Argh - we should of known better, we should of made a reservation.  Oh well.

Okay next stop to our second recommended place.  Again long queues! Seeing a trend. We now realize we need to go where we feel it is right not necessarily what is recommended.

So we return to the restaurant we went to last year when we were here.  Read all about our visit last year here.  Here there are no queues, small place, off the beaten path, but only a block from our apartment.

The restaurant is called Il Vezzo (their website is very basic but check out their facebook page too). 

It feels nice to be back.  We order a litre of the house wine (12E).  We then share the following items: a barley salad with mozzarella and tomatoes, Bolognese pasta as our pasta starter with beef that falls apart, and an entree of roast port with plum sauce, sides of potatoes and vegetables.  Oh my excellent food and each meal was perfect to share.

We finished with two Limoncellos for a total of 70E.

We are stuffed.  We stroll down the streets and people watch and enjoy the evening atmosphere.  Around 11 pm we return home and that bed looks good.

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