Saturday, November 12, 2016

Last Sea Day of the Crossing

What a strange feeling. It is the last sea day, the last day of the cruise. Felling a little melancholy, a little relieved, and then sad knowing our trip is almost over. But at least it is not over tomorrow for us.

Oh I forgot to tell you about this couple we met last night in the Wheelhouse. They prefer Celebrity -- and that is okay. But they don't like this ship. 

Their reason is because there is no bar to just sit and drink quietly. I comment about the current one they are in (Wheelhouse) but they respond, well a different one than this. I say Crooners is lovely. Their response but the washroom is one flight down. Yes I say unless you go forward or towards the aft. Then I say there is the International Cafe bar or Vines. Still not good enough for him. Something tells me nothing would please him.

The Most Travelled are the Stein couple from Florida with 1823 days - WOW!  I think they were on with us last year for the crossing too.

After relaxing in the cabin we watched a great movie called Captain Fantastic - loved it.

We need to make the rounds to say hi and goodbye to so many new friends we have made on this voyage.

First stop is the elite lounge where we sit with Norma and Allen again.

Then to Vines for some wine, where we run into Dylan and his staff as one member is going home.

Then up to Horizon Court for dinner. It is Brazilian night theme. So yummy. We chat with the buffet steward Basil for awhile. He is happy to hear we are on for five more days.

Back down to deck 5 where the World Orchestra is performing. If you ever get a chance to see this do it!

But so much is happening on board: Voice of the Ocean, Magician Chad Chesmark, Comedian George Casey, Are you Smarter than a Cruise Staff and so much more.

Back in the cabin the clocks are set for an hour back. We arrive at 5 am and apparently there is only one other ship in port. Which surprises us as it is a Saturday.

We have our in transit papers (to read more about what to expect in a back to back scenario click here). We are to meet at 1045 in the Princess Theater and there are to be around 105 of us.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends that join tomorrow.

Oh and we were able to make a reservation for the Crown Grill for the first sea day with our friends.

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