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Final Day – Ensenada Mexico

We wake to the ship pulling into the bay.We see that we are docking at the same spot but this time we are coming in bow first with the pier on our starboard side.Last time we backed in and the pier was on the port side.

We had put out our room service request last night around 11 pm.  When it still had not shown at 8 am (we requested 7:30 – 8 am delivery) we look outside and sure enough they never picked up the order.  ARGH
So I call Room Service and mention no one picked it up.  She blamed the cabin steward, I responded it is not the cabin steward’s job as he is done well before we go to bed and put it out.  Of course this only adds to the frustration we have had with service on this ship. 
She promises it will only be twenty minutes and she is right it is delivered and we are happy (although the order was not correct we just didn’t feel like doing anything about it).
We really are in no rush to get off and we relax in the cabin for quite a while.  The weather is much nicer this time he…

Sea Day!

Yeah… well maybe yeah.We decided to get room service for this morning instead of fighting the crowds on board.The throngs of kids and large groups is noticeable.Even though it is nice to see the families and the younger people on board it is cramping our usual cruise style.But we need to go with the flow and adjust.
We relax in the cabin for quite a while and only head down to the International Café for our usual coffees at 10 am.  The doors to the Bijoux sale have just opened and you would think it is a Black Sunday Sale they are rushing the door and you can’t move in there.  I make it in, but just to the first display and have to give up.
Instead I walk up to Calypso Cove and check out the new 50th Anniversary items.  I end up buying a lovely sweater (not one of the anniversary items) and it will come in handy on future trips.
Bernie heads to the trivia and I head to the casino to do some donations.  Normally I am not a big gambler on board (or even at home) but since we had quite a bi…

Sunday Evening – Sail Away from San Pedro

Great Sailaway
Because we are in transit we don’t have attend the Muster Drill again so we lay on a lounge chair up on deck 16 aft for some R & R.The sun is shining and it is a very different sail away from the one a few days ago.
They are doing quite a bit of work around the ship.  I guess with these short trips it gives workers time to come on board and do jobs.  I know the bathrooms by the pool were worked on last trip and this trip I see they are working on the bathrooms deck 14 aft by the elevators.  I think they are putting down new tiles.

Today they are also working on the flooring around the main pool by Muts.  For some reason at the sail away party they are putting down some sort of coating that is very strong in smell.  The workers all have respirators but the DJ standing right by it doesn’t.  We go to the party but there is no way we can dance at the spot they have right by the pool cause the smell is too strong.  We head up one deck, at least there is a bit of a breeze …

Sunday Morning – Turn Around Day

We wake early from the thrusters pulling into the port at around 6:15 am.Argh… I have a headache too!
I maneuver to the bathroom and try not to wake Bernie with the light as I stumble looking for an aspirin.  The other thing about this room is the closet is right at the foot of the beds so if you want to dress in private and not wake the other it is almost impossible.  But he is awake anyways.
Bernie heads down to get some coffees and we sip them in the room and contemplate what we should do for breakfast.  We know it will be a zoo in the Horizon Court but we attempt it at 9 am thinking maybe most are off already.
It is crazy!  Both sides are open and for some reason on this ship they have two entrances to the buffet open (at least for breakfast).  After struggling around the people getting food I opt just for some fruit and a bit of scrambled eggs.  I gave up trying to get hot food or bread cause of the crowds.  Really miss the outside station in the Horizon Court like other ships h…

Saturday Evening

After a restful nap we dressed and took one of the bottles of wine from L.A. Cetto winery to the dining room ($15 corkage fee).
When we arrived they had no record of us dining there tonight.  That again we are dining at the Crown Grill at 7.  When we say we never made a reservation at Crown Grill they apologize and sit us at a table in Denise's section.  
The head waiter apologizes and we say it all started the first night when we wanted to thank the Maitre D' but he was directed to the wrong table and since then Princess has confused the two couples.  
The Maitre D finally comes over to introduce himself and we thank him for the bottle of wine.  And he is confused cause again he was not aware that he was directed to the wrong table the first night. We all laugh at it and we are fine with it, but it has been a running joke.
We had a lovely diner and we decide to head over to the Crown Grill to make a reservation for the second night of the next leg.
Guess what, when we get there an…

Ensenada November 22, 2014

We are pulling into the Bay de Todos Santos and we are docked right at 7 am and I am shocked cause we get clearance right away to go ashore.
We are doing a tour here and don’t have to be out on the pier until 9:20 for our departure at 9:30.

Last night we put out our room service request and it arrived right on time.  The server was so bubbly – a ray of sunshine so early, and of course she opened the bathroom door like everyone else always does thinking that is the exit.
We are docked at the Ensenada Cruise Port Village and we can see that a Carnival ship is also pulling in right after us. 

The tour we booked was the Casa Dona Lupe and LA Cetto Wineries with Wine Tasting.  It says in the tour info that it leaves at 9:30 and returns at 1:30 and the cost for adults is $49 and children it is $49 (note only those that are above the age of 18 can drink at the wineries).

The description from Princess is:  Discover Mexico’s wine country on this half day excursion.  You will visit two wineries in …

Friday Evening At Sea

We head up to Skywalkers for around 6:15 to the Elite Lounge for some drinks.Tonight it is Cosmos and peeled shrimp as the finger food.It is relatively quiet in here tonight but they staff say it was busier earlier.We chat with two women who are travelling, the one woman treated the other because of her birthday.How sweet!
We leave to head down to the Atrium for the Fiesta in there.  The balloons are all set up and the band Los Brilliantes is playing.  Lots and lots of people are dancing (way different than a few days ago on the Grand where you could barely get to the dance floor cause of the chairs/tables and people). 
The cruise staff are dancing and really getting people into it. The bar staff are walking around handing out the Norman Love Chocolate Pops – which the kids are really enjoying!  
The music is so great that you can’t even stand still you have to move.
We are meeting up with our friend Deidra for drinks and dinner tonight.  We meet up in the Wheelhouse Bar and I enjoy my f…

Friday November 21, 2014 – At Sea

We wake early.We both had a restful sleep.Mind you we did notice the light from the bathroom whenever the other one used it in the evening.The door is right in front of the beds and the light will be right in your face.I am going to place one of the battery candles in there tonight as a night light – silly us didn’t bring ours.
There was a little noise – see there is a crew only heavy door right beside our cabin that crew have access to a metal stairway.  Sometime this morning Bernie says he heard security going by (as they had their radio on) and they went thru that door and it slams shut.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen often.
Bernie heads out to get our intake of espresso.  I wander around, post to the net and do some reading before heading down to Vine for 9:15 and Suduko Challenge.  At first there was no one there but a few minutes before it started a few joined in.  In the end there were about six of us and I am proud to say I was able to win a key chain flash light.  I actually had…