Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday Evening

After some relaxation we head out to explore the ship for a bit.  First stop is to Facets to see Delmarie and Martin and Corey to find out how Jasper behaved yesterday in the crew bar.  We didn’t get much time to talk to Delmarie as she was busy with customers.

It is just before 7;30 and we are able to head into the dining room for dinner with no problem.

We are once again sat in Ciari section for a lovely meal. 
We started with the sushi and then a nice salad (with the balsamic dressing on the side).  For dinner Bernie had some white fish that was lightly fried and I had the Tandori shrimp which was very good.  We even decided to have dessert.  I had the chocolate praline cake – OMG that was yummy.

We leave the dining room and it is still early and we decide we are going to try and make the 9:15 showing of Mike Wilson in the Vista Lounge.  Mike is an Impressionist who just got on today.  Paul the deputy cruise director introduces Mike, have to say I really like Paul, funny guy, heck he could be the comedian and we would be happy.  

But seriously he does seem to try and accommodate everyone and answer all their questions.

Back to Mike Wilson we are blown away, he is so good and he does a lot of impressions of people I recognize and the audience (an older crowd) recognize too.

After the show we both agree time for bed.

Things to note: 

there is happy hour two times on board:  Wheelhouse 3-4 pm and 11-12 midnight One5 Lounge and it is two for one and you also get a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the cruise.

Bernie says he noticed that they sell individual cigarette packets in Calypso Cove and says that is new – I don’t know for sure cause we don’t smoke but he swears by it.

The line for the Purser’s desk is awkward because it is a bit too narrow to have the line right in front, so

it has a line on each side – one for elites/suites and the other for everyone else. 

We received our disembarkation information today.  It also says if you are doing the self assist option you have to have one piece of luggage per person and able to carry it off the ship without assistance.  The next option is early group (before 9 am) or main group (after 9 am).  Next option is with airport transfers (with a few options here).  Last option is for Disembarkation tours.  

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