Friday, November 7, 2014

Travel Day to Anaheim

I am HERE!  Apparently this is the happiest place on earth, and I sure feel happy.

Both of us worked yesterday, and since we work very early we were up at our usual 3 am to start work at 4 am.  Although we had a shorter work day and we both ended at 10 am. 

We gathered our stuff at home, tied up some loose ends and we were on the road.  Our first stop was our recreation center to vote in our advance polls for our municipal elections.  We are just relieved that they started today cause if it didn’t we would not of been able to vote (I guess we could of done mail in votes) as the election is while we are away.

Voting done – and Vickie wearing her proud sticker saying “I voted today” we were on our way to the airport.
Flight was at 4 pm with Westjet directly to Los Angeles.  Even though the flight was delayed a bit due to connecting flights and someone who was not feeling well on board we were up in the air about 30 minutes after 4 pm.

LAX – what is there to say about that airport.  It is not one of my favorites, it certainly is busy.  But it seems to be in constant renovation, there is never enough space there, everything feels crammed in with people everywhere.  It is an airport I dread going to and would of preferred flying into one of the other airports but this time it was not possible.

We had prearranged a ride with PrimeTime Shuttles at a cost of $15 per person to Anaheim.  We easily found the meeting spot and checked in and about ten minutes later a van pulled up and it already h

ad four people in it, we loaded in with another guy and now we are 7, we stop two more times and in the end had 9 people. 

The ride took about 45 minutes (thankfully little traffic due to the hour) and we are arrived at our hotel (The Red Lion) and the front desk attendant Mellissa checked us in and gave us a room on the 7th floor that faces the park and doesn’t have an adjoining door to another room.  We are happy!

I wish we could saw we did something exciting but we didn’t.  The time is almost 10 pm and we have been up since 3 am and we are tired.  We settle in a bit and Bernie attempts to watch some TV but he can’t keep his eyes open. 

I had a nice bath to relax and calm myself – as you may have guess I get a little over excited.  But the bath does the trick and as I read some of the local guide information I lay my head down and dream about Mickey and Minnie and being at Disneyland.

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