Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Evening – Sail Away from San Pedro

Great Sailaway

Because we are in transit we don’t have attend the Muster Drill again so we lay on a lounge chair up on deck 16 aft for some R & R.  The sun is shining and it is a very different sail away from the one a few days ago.

They are doing quite a bit of work around the ship.  I guess with these short trips it gives workers time to come on board and do jobs.  I know the bathrooms by the pool were worked on last trip and this trip I see they are working on the bathrooms deck 14 aft by the elevators.  I think they are putting down new tiles.

Bromley is on board

Today they are also working on the flooring around the main pool by Muts.  For some reason at the sail away party they are putting down some sort of coating that is very strong in smell.  The workers all have respirators but the DJ standing right by it doesn’t.  We go to the party but there is no way we can dance at the spot they have right by the pool cause the smell is too strong.  We head up one deck, at least there is a bit of a breeze but I still feel like I am getting stoned from it.  We can’t hang here for long because of it and head back to the cabin for our own sail away. 

We get all the paperwork again.  We once again are one of the Most Travelled Passengers and this entitles us to dinner at one of the Specialty Restaurants.  We get two drink coupons in lieu of a Captain Circle Party.  We get our certificate from our loyalty credit – we get $75 loyalty credit as this is our 49th Princess cruise.  At 52nd it will go up to $100.

Neither of us feels like going to the dining room so we just head up to the Horizon Court for a meal.  The food on board has been very good.  Service is a little hit and miss.  But heck we are on holidays and at least I didn’t have to cook and clean.

We head to the Atrium where Megan is hosting the Martini Demonstration.  It is a fun one certainly a bit more entertaining than some that I have seen. 

Princess Theater is showing the Production Caliente which I think we have maybe seen once before.  We sit right up front and we notice a large section on the port side is closed off.  We later see that it is for some passengers on board who are hearing impaired.  Princess has provided a stand and an interpreter and even the words of the show and someone is signing for the hearing impaired guests.  Now I have to say I commend Princess for going that extra mile.  Everyone should get the opportunity to Come Back New! 

The show is great.  But I have to speak up here.  We sit near the front or in the front.  The singers and dancers can see maybe the first two or three rows only and to look out and see people that look like they are in a trance (or like Bernie calls them Zombies).  These guests never clap, never move, sometimes fall asleep, and the guy beside me had his legs up resting the side of the stage and he picked his nails most of the time.  Really, show some emotion and reaction to the amazing show.  At least clap after each song.  So Bernie and I try to show our appreciating and we really do.  Great job Golden Princess Dancers and Singers.

We head to the Casino for a bit to make a donation.  But it is just too smoky we don’t last long.

Explorer’s Lounge is having Liar’s Club hosted by John and the Cruise Staff are the Liars.  But it is long and drawn out and well relatively boring.  I much prefer when they get some of the officers from around the ship to be the Liars.

We stay in Explorers cause there is a late night trivia.  We are joined by a couple from LA (actually I have yet to meet someone on board who is not from California) and we enjoy getting to know them. 

The trivia is all about Princess…. Now that is a topic I can do well at.  In fact we got 12 out of 13 questions right.  The only one we got wrong was how much dark chocolate per day does the ship use – oh and the answer is 110 lbs per day.

We won a bottle of champagne and gave it to the couple with us as they are celebrating her birthday.

Off to bed.

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