Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday November 21, 2014 – At Sea

We wake early.  We both had a restful sleep.  Mind you we did notice the light from the bathroom whenever the other one used it in the evening.  The door is right in front of the beds and the light will be right in your face.  I am going to place one of the battery candles in there tonight as a night light – silly us didn’t bring ours. 

There was a little noise – see there is a crew only heavy door right beside our cabin that crew have access to a metal stairway.  Sometime this morning Bernie says he heard security going by (as they had their radio on) and they went thru that door and it slams shut.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen often.

Bernie heads out to get our intake of espresso.  I wander around, post to the net and do some reading before heading down to Vine for 9:15 and Suduko Challenge.  At first there was no one there but a few minutes before it started a few joined in.  In the end there were about six of us and I am proud to say I was able to win a key chain flash light.  I actually had a choice between that and a lanyard, but after bumping around in the night last night I figured that flashlight could come in handy.

Bernie joins me in the International Café.  The place is busy, lots of people are up and about.  It is fun to sit around and chat with others, and we can overhear a lot of people talking and asking questions, or comments.

My favorite is one husband was insisting that the ship cleans the toilet water (after we have used it for our drinking water).  I was beside them and I laughed, couldn’t help myself.  I turned and said don’t worry they don’t do that, but they do desalinate water on board from the sea and trust me it better than most city drinking water.  I am not sure if the husband was annoyed with me or not but there is no way I am going to have the rumour going around.

Others are asking about coffee cards, where is the dining room for breakfast, where is the Outlet Sale…. And where is the nearest washroom.

Another man is angry wondering why it is taking so long to head to Ensenada!  Another ship that left LA the same time as us is there today and so should we.  Guess he is not aware that we are basically doing a circle out West then South then North and into Ensenada to create a day at sea before arriving in Ensenada tomorrow. 

It is hard to concentrate on my puzzles so we decide to head out to the Vista Lounge for the trivia (not for me but more for Bernie).  I send him off and I duck into the Outlet Sale just as the doors are opening.  Yes it is the usual stuff, but today I am on a mission.  You see, for some silly reason I decided to donate (aka forget) my only cardigan/sweater that I brought on the chair in the cabin on the GRAND.  I remember putting it there but don’t remember taking it off the ship. 

The sweater is not an expensive one and I know the ship donates all unclaimed items to towns that can use them so I will gladly buy a new one today.

And I do… I buy a lovely light-weight cardigan oh and I also found a lovely top too. 

I head towards the Vista Lounge and grab a seat at the back of the lounge and do some reading.  Bernie joins a team and we meet back up at the end of the trivia.

After spending some time in the cabin we venture down for lunch.  I am hungry (I skipped breakfast – does a croissant and latte count?). We decide to head the dining room for lunch.  The open decks are a little cool and I really don’t think I can handle the crowds at the Horizon Court today. 

We are sat at a table for six with two other couples from California.  The ship is 95% Americans with most of them coming from California.  Us Canadians are an anomaly… but it is nice chatting with the passengers and they often comment how much they love Vancouver.  But sorry if I get asked again how much they love Victoria Island (note it is Vancouver Island, Victoria is the city and Capital of our Province of British Columbia) I may pull my hair out.  Patience Vickie…. Ahhhhhhh

I had the mini chimichangas to start and then a bowl of stroganoff with spatzle.  It was very very good.

We were finally able to get thru the room service line (after about ten tries since we got on) to get our mini bar changed off. 

I start writing some notes on Uruguay for a report I am giving on the country/port.  Bernie reads/naps.  I had two drinks and should have a nap but don’t want to nap today.

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So I will report back tomorrow on what our evening happenings ended up being… till then thanks for following.  Oh and if you can jump on a three day cruise to Ensenada you should.  Princess has a great sale coming out this week – find out more at their site

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