Friday, November 7, 2014

OMG My Legs Are Going to Fall Off

We wake and are both so happy to see we slept in, of course sleeping in for us is anything past 5 am, and it is 6:30 am.  We chat about what we want to do today.  One thing we have learned is it is key for us to discuss what goals we want to do that day, what are wants and what are needs.  

Bernie says he needs to buy some water as the water from the tap taste odd to us (but I guess we are spoiled with our great water at home).  He also wants to buy a bottle of wine for the room and other than that he is good, he says whatever you want to do is fine with him.

You see the last time I was at Disneyland was 1970 when I was five years old.  We came here with my parents and my younger sister – Linette.  My parents thought it would be a good idea to do one big trip (now you know where I get the bug from) before they divorced!  I know how weird is that!  I was only 5 but I still remember them sitting us on the bed in the hotel saying they were splitting up.  My sister was only 4 and I don’t think she recalls much of that trip.

So my memories here are two fold – sad cause of the news, but fond memories of our last trip together as a family.
We head over to IHOP which is right next to our hotel for breakfast.  We only had to wait for about five minutes for a table and food and service were good, certainly what we needed.

We are using our extra morning hour to get into the park today, cause the park doesn’t open until ten and we head over there around 9:00.  As I am approaching the park’s main entrance I can hear the music and see the sights and I am actually tearing up.  Yes me… yeah I am an emotional type of person.  I cry at Hallmark commercials but today I am just happy and feel like I am ten years old.  I love seeing all the kids in their costumes too – girls are dressed up as Princesses and boy are dressed in some Super Hero costumes.   Anyhow, for me with no kids, who just loves kids is enjoying this.

Once we get in the gate we walk around a bit.  Our main goal was to head to Indian Jones ride to get Fast Pass tickets but that whole area is closed off – at the entrance to Frontier Land.  Now remember I have never been here before so I am not sure what to expect or what/where to go.  So we wader around a bit more and then wait for the park to open completely.

We head right to the Indian Jones Ride and walk right in.  Bernie loved the ride.  Now remember Bernie is not crazy about rides, at least not amusement park rides.  The guy will go zip lining across a river in Costa Rica with no problem though, but something about a ride at an amusement park that he doesn’t like.  But he loved this ride and I feel hopeful.

We spend the next few hours riding rides, see shows, enjoying the atmosphere.  It is busy here but not crazy.  Here are the rides we went on today:

The Disneyland Story with Mr. Lincoln, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland Railroad, Haunted Mansion, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, King Arthur Carrousel, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pixie Hollow, Disneyland Monorail, Innovations, Space Mountain (Bernie liked it but doesn’t want to do again) and Star Tours (Bernie’s favorite).

We bought a few souvenirs, I am now the proud owner of a Disney Ball Cap and a Minnie T-Shirt.  Had a great meal at CafĂ© Orleans.  We tried to get a seat at the Blue Bayou but we couldn’t get a table until 4 pm. 

Since the park was closing at 8 pm tonight, our original plan to leave and come back later was put aside and we toughed out as long as we could.  We left around 6:30 pm and went across the street to Tony Romas for dinner.
Bernie and I shared a plate or ribs and we were stuffed when we left.  We walked back to the hotel and then to Target for some things that we needed while here and while on the cruise.

In the end I logged 27,000 steps.

We relaxed and I think we were both fast asleep by 9 pm.  

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  1. I love all things Disney, the ship was brilliant, the rides in the parks make me young again. San doesn't do rides [unless she's had a drink!