Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Evening

this is what awaited us as we returned to the cabin after dinner
After our nap – well really it was my nap Bernie hardly slept at all.  We dressed and headed out.  It is later than normal around 8 pm for us.

Tonight we decided to skip the dining room since we both don’t feel like dressing for it and plus we were disappointed in the service last night in the dining room and don’t really want to head back. 

Plus the Horizon Court is a great option and an amazing spread.  In fact this buffet on board would be comparable to an expensive buffet on land.
I like that they have the option for them to grill a steak, chicken breast or salmon on the spot.  I decide to try a chicken breast and I ask for one, the chef says oh they are small I will give you two.  Yes they are small (almost looks like half a breast) and he gives me two but I can only eat one.
sorry it is blurry

They had some lovely fried chicken too and some pork is also being carved up. 

One thing I like is that they have a separate salad station that has all the fixins for a special salad and you can make up your own.  Plus they also have the normal salad bar too.

After our meal we meet up with Paul and Yvonne and head to the Princess Theater to see Impressionist and Comedian Steve Caouette.  Now make sure you don’t arrive to his show late…. Can’t tell you why, just don’t.  We really enjoyed his show.  There were two shows for him tonight 7:00 and 8:30 pm.

They also have Comedy and Magic of Garry Carson in the Vista lounge but our timing is off tonight and we arrive about ten minutes after it has started and it is hard to find a seat.  He had three shows 6:15; 7:45 and 9:15.  He will be preforming again another night so will try and catch him then.

Also tonight is the International Crew Talent Show but we usually pass on this but if you haven’t seen it make sure you check it out.

It is also Country and Western Night and they are even doing horse racing in Explorer’s Lounge.  One thing I have found odd this trip is they have a few items in the evening that they normally have during the day.  Like the horse racing and also bingo which they have too.

The movie in the Vista Lounge tonight is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at 10:15 cause Muts is showing football.

We come back to the cabin around 10 pm and we decide to throw on our bathing suits and head up to the hot tub for a bit of relaxation….. and it is perfect.  We sit back and stare up at the stars and we are in heaven.

Internet service has been slow on board.  Often I open up multiple windows with something loading on each cause it takes so long to load.  But I guess with so many people now having access to wifi with phones, tablets, computers etc and often bandwidth is used up with these devices I am not surprised. 

We try to get on line to see if we have been assigned a cabin yet for our Golden cruise on Thursday for a back to back but nope nothing has been assigned yet.  Thankfully we can access the Princess page for free.

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