Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day at Disney California Adventure

Can't believe it has already been three days that we have been here.  Today is our last day and we are heading to California Adventure.  

We wake and grab a quick bite to eat before walking over to the park to meet up with Angelique and Simon at the park's gate at 8 am.

Did I mention how much I love that there is Starbucks in the parks.  Oh and the Starbucks cups have little Disney symbols on them.  Love it.

As soon as we get into the park we see Oswald so I get a picture with him and I am honoured when he gives me a kiss.

We start by getting a Fast Pass for Cars Land for a later time.  We then walk thru Cars Land and I am loving this park and the theme, music, decorations and the vibe.  

It is really quiet this early and we all decide to just head into the single rider line at Cars Land and ride once and it was such a fun ride. One of my favorites.  We actually return later with our Fast Pass and ride again.

Right after Cars Land we head for Paradise Pier and Simon it is less than a five minute wait!  OMG that was fun!  I loved it!  We get off and decide to ride again and are on within a few minutes.  

We walk and ride the Mickey's Fun Wheel (in the non swinging car).

We decide to try our luck at some of the Midway games and Simon is the champ, he wins a Dumbo and Bernie is so trying to get a Woody!  We try and again and Simon wins again but decides to give Bernie the Woody... now that is true friendship.  Nothing like a friend to give you a Woody.

Here the rides we tackled today:  Toy Story Midway Mania, Jumpin Jellyfish (which the guys refused to ride but Angelique broke out into hysterics after my crazzy antics), Golden Zephyr, Ariel's Undersea Adventure, Luigi's Flying Tires, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (which really freaked me out and I screamed at the top of my lungs, ironically Bernie loved this one and said he would do it again).

We visited the Disney Animation building and love the Turtle Talk with Crush.  Make sure you take your kids to this.  Also walked thru the Sorcerer's Workshop and Character Close-Up.  

We had a meal in Condor Flats - and the food was rather good.  

The park is not crazy busy, in fact it is less that 50% full today, not bad for a Saturday.  We are fading though and as we walk around I know I am going to need a nap today.  

Our last stop in the park is Ghirardeli Soda Fountain for sundaes... I can't even finish mine!

We leave the park and we are back at the hotel around 3:30 pm for a bit of a rest.  We are meeting back up with Angelique and Simon for dinner later.

What a fun day and night... we are very thankful for such amazing friends who came to share in our excitement.

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